Dr Oz: Why Women Have Affairs & Esther Perel Marriage Warning Signs

By on April 3, 2014

Dr Oz: Tips to Revive Your Love Life

Did you know that 15% of all couples are not getting intimate in the bedroom? Dr. Oz says you might too embarrassed to admit it, but if your love life has fizzled out today’s show is for you because he has the solutions to revive your sex life and reconnect with your partner.

Esther Perel: Why Women Lose Interest in Intimacy

Esther Perel is an intimacy expert who has candid discussions about why our relationships flatline and why we get bored or lose our desire to make love with our spouse. She often sits down with women to talk openly about why the have lost interest in intimacy and what they can do make it a priority. Esther explains the biggest misconception is that men are beasts who always want time in the bedroom and that women never want it because that simply is not the case. She does say, however, that women in their 30s and 40s often start to feel like it is just another way to take care of someone else’s needs and not a way to feel adored or desired, which is why they often often avoid it.

Dr Oz: Marriage Warning Signs

Dr Oz: Why Women Have Affairs & Esther Perel Marriage Warning Signs

Esther Perel says when women have affairs it is less about the physical and more about finding a part of themselves that they lost.

Esther Perel tells Dr. Oz that when people talk about the listlessness of their love lives they often do not talk about the action itself because what they really want is to feel an intimate connection with their partner again. The bottom line is that everyone wants to feel playful and alive with their partner as well as vital and energized, but they often do not know how to make it happen.

Esther says that while a marriage without making love does not automatically mean your relationship is in trouble, it can definitely be a warning sign that something is not right. On the other hand, she says you can still be in a loving, happy, and affectionate relationship even if there is no intimacy, but all couples should take the warning sign seriously.

Dr Oz: Why Women Have Affairs

Esther Perel explains that when women have affairs it is usually not about the physical, but instead they want to escape who they have become and feel alive and desired again. It is not so much about wanting to leave their partner as it is about wanting to reconnect with parts of themselves that they lost. The good news is that it is easy to bring the intimacy back to your marriage if you know what to do and the steps to follow.

Esther says that while some experts recommend making love two to three times per week, she believes it is not about the quantity and is way more about the quality. She explains that both people should feel satisfied and fulfilled every time they are intimate because nothing should turn a person on more than seeing their partner excited.

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