Dr Oz: How Worrying Impacts Your Health + Steps to Stop Worrying


Dr Oz: Do You Worry Too Much?

Do you worry all the time? Does it affect your life, your family and your sleep so much that you feel sick and exhausted most of the time? Dr. Oz says worry often triggers even more worry, which causes stress and has a drastic impact on a person’s health, so he has the solutions to help end your anguish to improve your life.

Dr Oz: How Worrying Impacts Your Health

Dr. Oz says one of the biggest things impacted by a person’s worrying is their sleep. Sleep is vitally important to everyone’s health, so it concerns him when someone is not getting enough sleep at night. It can literally lead to serious health problems and illnesses, so it is important to find ways to ease your stress and anxiety before it is too late. Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser says the biggest reason people do not sleep well at night is because they are not releasing their worries enough during the day.

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