Dr Oz: Zohydro Pain Medication Addiction & Overdose Death Rate


Dr Oz: Prescription Medication Addiction

Dr. Oz says there is a big change in the medical community that has him scared. Zohydro is a powerful new opioid pain medication that could send drug abuse in America to epidemic levels.It is five times stronger than any other pain medication on the market and contains 50 milligrams of hydrocodone, which is why Dr. Oz is concerned right along with several of his medical colleagues.

Dr Oz: Is Zohydro FDA-Approved?

Dr Oz: Zohydro Pain Medication Addiction & Overdose Death Rate

Dr Oz and Dr Sanjay Gupta discussed the addiction risk associated with taking Zohydro, which is 5 times more powerful than Vicodin.



  1. Deb F says

    With so misinformation out there I had hoped you might get it right and consider this type of misleading presentation of fact only hurts legitimate patient need. Zohydro is available in 10mg to 50mg. You only mention the 50mg dosage. The sad thing is responsible patients will be penalized for the inappropriate use by those who abuse, divert or misuse medicine. Zohydro is the only single ingredient pain med available and offers a viable alternative to millions where acetaminophen is a threat to the liver and kidneys. From the liver foundation, over 30 million have liver disease and the FDA warns should not take acetaminophen. That does not count the millions with kidney disease and allergies to ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin, found in the other pain meds that have no tamper resistant formulation. The FDA stated that Oxy is the only approved pain med with tamper resistant formulation and Methadone carries the highest risk of overdose death among painkillers, according to a 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I do not see you crying out to ban this or any of the others that are commonly prescribed including Vicodin or Norco,

  2. Mr. Lb says

    Dr. Oz. I hope you belive in your words. The goverent questioning an FDA approval is approaching on communism. There are many drugs out there that are way worse than medication that saves livers and helps with pain associated with cancer and the like. Your statements put no faith in our countries medical field. Along with your distrust for our country, your opinions say that there is no need for stronger drugs in the medical field. I disagree on your statements.

  3. Aaron mac says

    Dr. Oz,

    The argument for safety should be through and through and not directed at any one company, drug or classification of drugs. The idea that you an individual “provider” may know better than the FDA on safety is impart what the system depends on. This drug, along with every other opioid are tools for physicians to treat their clients ailments. It is up to the physician and client to determine what the best treatment is now and in the future. The FDA is ensuring that physicians are using clinically proven safe and effective tools. How you and your patients decide to use the tools is on you. Skepticism of the FDA only goes to discredit the faith they put into you as a physician. Thus negating your opinion and argument.

    Statements like “..five times stronger than any other pain medication on the market..”, “..statistic that patients who have never taken narcotics before usually die of an overdose three years after it was first prescribed to them…” are just plain irresponsible to make when there is no fact or source for such expressed opinion.

    Using words like “any other” and “usually” when addressing scientific matters of health and safety only go to support the gross lack of education and due process on your part that has propelled you to lead the effort in making our country a sensationally stupid place to live.

    Your legal team should get ready for a libel and slander lawsuit.

  4. Michael S says

    Hello. I’m a firefighter in a big Midwest city. My story started 10 years ago when a part of a building fell on me. I’ve worked thru the injuries, in various levels of excruciating pain since with no pain meds. 6 weeks ago I ruptured 2 discs in C4-5 & C5-6 with C6-7 bulging when searching for kids at a fire. I’m still working and functional, but it’s just a matter of time before I am forced to take pain meds for the rest of my life so I can remain functional. See, fusion=disability in my profession. At 38 years old & working in my dream profession, the thought of going on disability is depressing. I still have at least 12 more years I can give to society, but will most definitely need pain relief. There is no way I could function on strong pain meds like OxyContin or Opana, this med would be all I could handle. Those that believe criminal addicts need to be protected from themselves at MY expense is truly sickening. Absolutely repulsive

  5. says

    Dr. Oz
    I would have hoped you did some investigating before making statements regarding Zohydro. As a doctor you should know that 1 pill is not going to kill anyone Your statements are plain irresponsible and ill advised As someone who depends on my Dr to advise and treat me I think you have no right when addressing scientific matters There are more addictive stronger opiods on the market which i prefer not to take. Zohydro has been a life saver for me I hope you got paid enough to air that segment because your legal team will need it

  6. KK says

    I figured Dr. Gupta would have done his homework. The end result of schedule two Zohydro being on the market is going to be the removal of some schedule three combo meds.

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