Dr Oz’s Mentor: Rock Doc Dr Gerald Lemole & Colloidal Silver Review


Dr. Gerald Lemole: The Rock Doc

Dr. Oz and his guest, Deepak Chopra, have shared some secrets to getting a younger brain. Not only are there foods you can eat that will boost your brain power, but there are also some simple and easy steps you can take that will actually help you to grow more brain cells. Today you have been given everything you need from Deepak Chopra: Reverse Memory Loss and Prevent Alzheimer’s, including what he says is the #1 way to keep your brain young. It only takes a few minutes a day, but can add many years to your life.

Dr Oz’s Mentor: Dr Gerald Lemole

Dr. Oz says he would not be the man, parent, or doctor that he is today without the guidance and support of one person. That person, also a doctor, and Dr. Oz’s father-in-law, is Gerald Lemole. Dr. Lemole is a bit of legend, especially in the eyes of Dr. Oz, but his background and accomplishments also show this to be true. He was a part of the team that performed the very first heart transplant in the United States and has even been dubbed the “Rock Doc” by Rolling Stone Magazine for being the first surgeon to play music in the operating room to ease the nerves of other surgeons, nurses, and patients.


  1. Marie Rivell says

    Dr. Oz is an amazing doctor & MAN. Now there is two with Dr. Lemole. I am 77 yrs old I retired at 75 yrs. ( only because the wonderful medical benefits they offered for the rest of my life) I’m in good health. I ‘m not on any meds. I will continue to have Dr Oz guide me.
    I have a niece who is a doctor & now is studying Holistic medince. We believe in preventive medince & lifestyle .
    Saw Dr. Oz & his wife in Phila a couple of months ago. Once in Atlantic City .

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