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Dr Oz: At-Home Solutions for Back Pain Dr Oz asked his audience “what if?” questions about how their lives would change if they no longer had back pain. Since everyone had a goal in mind, Dr Oz invited several viewers to participate as he explained some ways you can treat your back pain at home. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Stop Worrying and Go To Sleep Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night because your worries keep you awake? Dr Oz teamed up with Gabrielle Bernstein to share a plan that can help you catch a few more Zs, with some help from audience member/worrier Cecelia. Dr Oz: Name Your Feelings […]

Dr Oz: Manage Your Mood Dr Oz met with Annemarie, a woman who struggles with her constant Mood Swings, and he already ruled out some potential health causes before identifying habits that could be contributing to the problem. He worked with Dr Mike Dow to outline a plan that can help you manage your mood just […]

Dr Oz: Healthy Bacteria, Healthy Body You may think you are doing everything right—getting plenty of sleep, taking a multivitamin, washing your hands—but you are still getting sick. If that’s the case, Dr Oz and his guest, Dr Robynne Chutkan, said that the reason could have to do with Gut Bacteria. Gut Bacteria actually serves an important […]

Dr. Oz: How to Sleep Better Dr. Oz talked to several of his viewers who used to have trouble sleeping, but have learned how to sleep again after watching Dr. Oz. Loretta sent Dr. Oz a Facebook message that said, “Dr. Oz – you’re not boring, but after trying everything – you’re the one who […]

Dr Oz: Sleep Vs Caffeine Americans love their Caffeine, as Dr Oz knows, because it’s often a hot health topic among viewers. But how do you balance your consumption of caffeine with the need for a good night’s sleep? Sleep expert Dr Michael Breus was on hand to share a Caffeine Plan you can use throughout your […]

Dr Oz: 3-Stage Gut Flush Do you have Chronic Constipation? Dr Oz wanted people like his guest, Kristina, to find the answers that can help them move on with life. He asked functional medicine expert Dr Amy Myers to explain a 3-Stage Gut Flush solution. Take a look at her Gut Infection Checklist. Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: New Treatment To Relieve Hemorrhoids Dr Oz said that 75% of people will have Hemorrhoids at some point in life, and to illustrate how you can treat or prevent them, he chose an Assistant of the Day. Dr Oz: Hemorrhoids Risk Factors The assistant, Joey Lynn, and her friends have experienced Hemorrhoids. She […]

Dr Oz: Say Goodbye To Yeast Infections Did you know that 75% of American women will have a Yeast Infection at some point in life? Dr Oz used a disgusting smell test to find an Assistant of the Day, Vicky. She said that she has personal experience with Yeast Infections, due to a reaction to […]

Dr Oz: Bible Bumps Dr Oz offered to discuss a health problem he said had a Biblical connection. What are Bible Bumps? To find out, he needed an Assistant of the Day. His assistant was a mother of three teenagers, and she congratulated Dr Oz on his granddaughter, Philomena. Dr Oz said that you don’t have […]

Dr Oz: Biggest & Best Heartburn Busters Dr Oz said that 20 million people have Heartburn flare-ups every day, so he compiled some Heartburn Busters that can quench the fire they cause. But he needed an Assistant of the Day to help him explain them all: Bananas, Mankua Honey, and Orange Peel Extract. Sandra bravely […]

Dr Oz: New Sleep Solution Internet Craze Dr Oz loves finding safe, natural alternatives to sleeping pills that will help you get to sleep faster. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) has been making waves on YouTube, and now even doctors are taking note. Dr Oz: What is ASMR? The goals of relaxation and sleep are […]

Dr Oz: Best Natural Gargles To Cure a Sore Throat What do you do when you get a sore throat? Dr Oz said that natural gargles can help to give you some relief. Try Hot Sauce, Salt Water 2.0, or Turmeric the next time your throat is giving you trouble. Audience member Susan said she […]

Dr Oz: Solve That Health Puzzle! Wylde on Health author and alternative health expert Bryce Wylde was back on Dr Oz’s show to unveil some trending health remedies. He stuck around to have some fun with the audience in a game called Wheel of Alternative Health. Dr Oz teamed up with Kimberly against Christy and […]

Dr Oz: Natural Body Detox Ideas Dr. Oz has the three fastest natural detoxes to help you cleanse your body in under an hour! He calls it the “Express Detox” and he asked Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary to explain how they work. Dr Oz: Ginger Digestion Detox The first detox is one that gets ignites your […]

Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Immunity Booster Today on the Dr. Oz Show learn the best natural cures for your biggest health complaints. From easing your stress to soothing an upset stomach, Dr. Oz has the surprising solutions that do not require medication. Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Review Do you have any aches and pains? Dr. […]

Dr Oz: Eczema Signs and Treatment If you have ever had dandruff you know how embarrassing it can be and difficult it is to get rid of it, so Dr. Oz asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explains what causes the flakes and and what you can do to stop the […]

Dr Oz: Heartburn Medication Did you know that a purple heartburn pill was a bestseller in the past year? It’s one of many heartburn medications, but they may not be right for everyone. Heartburn is a sensation in the throat and chest you might have after a meal. It’s caused by stomach acid floating up to […]

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