Black Garlic, Purslane, Jerusalem Artichoke & Jicama | Dr Oz Tips


Dr Oz: Superfoods To Keep You Young

Did you know that just by adding simple foods to your daily diet you can combat aging? Yep, it’s true and on today’s show, Doctor Oz showed you which of nature’s superfoods can help fight disease and keep you looking and feeling young. (Great! I’ll take 2 of each!)  I absolutely love these Home Remedy segments! This is not the first time that Dr Oz spoke about many of these topics.  He spoke about Purslane, Jerusalem Artichoke Pasta and Jicama on previous shows as well.



  1. G P G says

    I am very interested in the link between Jicama, specifically and wrinkles (great for crows feet). Can you provide me the research supporting this? For Dr. Oz to make this claim is really surprising.and must be based upon some type of solid evidence relating to the consumption of Jicama and controlling wrinkles and crows feet.

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