Brewer’s Yeast, Nettle Tea, Bee Pollen & Yeast Flakes: Dr Oz Potions

By on February 27, 2012

Dr Oz: Miracle Pills & Potions

Dr Oz gave us some great diet tips, like eating Cold Pressed Rice Bran Oil as a miracle fat to help you lose weight. But what if you are feeling tired and run down? Not to worry. On today’s show, Doctor Oz gave you the solutions to help get rid of your fatigue with things like Bee Pollen, Brewer’s Yeast, Nettle Tea, an Ugli Fruit Energy Elixir, L-Lysine, Yeast Flakes and Kelp Noodles.

Dr Oz was joined by an audience member who stated that she hasn’t had much energy since high school. (Didn’t you love it when Dr Oz stated, “It’s been THAT long since you’ve had energy?”) She told Doctor Oz that she tried to exercise and eat healthy in order to keep her energy up but she needed an extra boost. Check out the miracle cures below to get your energy back.

Dr Oz: Bee Pollen Supplement Pills

-contains vitamins and minerals

Dr Oz Kelp Noodles

Dr Oz spoke about "magic potions" like Bee Pollen Supplements & Brewer's Yeast.

-has fatty acids
-gives off plenty of nutrients
-The dosage for Bee Pollen Supplements is to take 2000mg per day
-purchase at a health food store or online

Dr Oz: Brewer’s Yeast Supplement Pills

-a vitamin powerhouse
-is a great source of B vitamins
-helps to break down carbs
-The Brewer’s Yeast dosage that Dr Oz suggested was to take 4000mg per day
-may give you gas at times

Dr Oz: Nettle Tea

-does have bitter flavor
-mix in honey for a natural sweetness
-contains antioxidants
-drink1 cup each morning instead of coffee
-purchase at health food stores or online

Dr Oz Ugli Fruit Energy Elixir Recipe

-contains vitamins and antioxidants
-4 oz sparkling water
-4 oz Ugli fruit juice
-Blend together
That’s it!
Has a citrus taste. Ugli fruit is not expensive but you may have to do a little searching for it.

Dr Oz: L-Lysine Supplement Pills

-Improves energy
-helps with circulations
-The dosage of L-Lysine Supplements is to take 1000mg before each meal

Dr Oz: Yeast Flakes

-help to fight fatigue
-help to combat stress
-sprinkle on pastas, salads and popcorn

Dr Oz: Kelp Noodles

-helps fight inflammation
-moisturizes the skin
-full of natural fiber to fight fat
-try kelp noodles (only 13 calories per cup)

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  1. interested in information on how to rid fatigue, belly bulge, gain more enegry.

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