Dr Oz: Acerola Cherry, Frankincense Oil & African Black Soap


Dr Oz: Natural Anti-Aging Secrets

Doctor Oz shared Mood Booster Remedies, but once you are feeling happy, you want to look great too! You can look 5 years younger with products used all around the world. On today’s episode, Dr Oz takes you to Mexico, Ghana, India, and Egypt to give you their affordable and natural secrets on how to look younger.


  1. trina says

    Hello Dr. Oz

    Where can you buy good black soap? I ask that because since your show everybody is selling African Soap now, but the problems is does these soaps have the ingredients that make the soap geniune? Please help! Thank you

  2. says

    Visit my Website and it will explain african black soap and how to show for it. It also contains the actual soap that was provided to Dr. Oz on this show on my home page for sale.

  3. Jean Troy says

    I have age spots on my hands (I’m 63 yrs old) and I’ve tried a lot of different things and nothing has worked. I want to try the frankincense oil and almond oil, but what is the ratio mix.

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