Dr Oz Anti-Aging Remedies: Sake Facial, Club Soda Hair Rinse & Grape Scrub

Dr Oz brought back Shalini Vadhera, author of Passport to Beauty, to teach us about some Anti-Aging Remedies From Around the World!  They gave Natural Remedies including a Face Mask from China, a Grape Skin Scrub from Italy, a Sake and White Camellia Oil Skin Remedy from Japan, and a Frizzy Hair Remedy from the Dominican Republic.  I absolutely love Doctor Oz Remedies!!!

Dr Oz: White Tea & Green Tea Powder Face Mask – China Anti-Aging Remedy

Beauty elixirs like white tea are great to drink, but are also wonderful for your skin.  Dr Oz’s first Anti-Aging Cure comes from China and is a combination of white tea (which is a very young tea that is loaded with antioxidants Dr Oz Anti-Aging Remedies From Around the Worldand great for wrinkles), Green Tea Powder and lemon juice.  Shalini Vadhera said that she got this secret Chinese Remedy from a woman in China Town who swears by this.  Shalini said that perhaps this is the secret to why Chinese women never age.  Click here for the complete details of this Anti-Aging Cure: Dr Oz White Tea & Green Tea Powder Face Mask

Dr Oz: Grape Scrub – Italy Anti-Aging Remedy

Dr Oz is always talking about how good Resveratrol is for you, and Resveratrol comes from the skin of red grapes (hence why it is found in red grape juice and red wine).  In Italy, if you have dry skin, you make an exfoliating scrub out of grapes (including the seeds from inside of red grapes) and you are left with soft gorgeous skin.  Click here for the complete details of this Anti-Aging Cure: Dr Oz Grape Scrub for Exfoliating Skin

Dr Oz: White Camellia Oil & Sake for Age Spots & Sore Muscles – Japan Anti-Aging Remedy

Dr Oz said that drinking 1-2 glasses of Sake has cardiovascular benefits, but you can also use Sake to make your skin glow.  Shalini said that this is one of the beauty secrets of the Geisha.  Your skin absorbs White Camelia Oil better than anything else, so you are left with perfectly hydrated skin.  Plus, this remedy also eliminates age spots!  Another great use for Sake is to add a bit to your bath, because it helps to relieve sore muscles and cramps.  Click here for the complete details of this Anti-Aging Cure: Dr Oz Sake & White Camellia Oil Age Spot & Glowing Skin Remedy

Dr Oz: Club Soda Frizzy Hair Remedy – Dominican Republic Anti-Aging Remedy

Who would have thought to put club soda in their hair?  Shalini said that in the Dominican Republic, they use club soda as a final rinse to get rid of frizzy hair and to help their hair lie flat.  The salty mixture in club soda also helps to strip hair of leftover residue from hair products, so you are left with beautiful non-frizzy hair.  Click here for the complete details of this Anti-Aging Cure: Dr Oz Club Soda Hair Rinse


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