Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Natural Pain Remedy & Black Elderberry Syrup Review


Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Immunity Booster

Today on the Dr. Oz Show learn the best natural cures for your biggest health complaints. From easing your stress to soothing an upset stomach, Dr. Oz has the surprising solutions that do not require medication.

Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Review

Do you have any aches and pains? Dr. Oz says it is one of the most common complaints he hears from people and while most reach for Ibuprofen or some other over-the-counter medication, he has the natural solution to ease your pain and it might just surprise you. Have you ever heard of Arnica? It happens to be Dr. Oz’s all-time favorite way to treat muscle aches and joint paint because it is not only natural, but it also works!

  • Buy Arnica gel at your local drug store.
  • Costs around $8 per tube.
  • Apply to areas of soreness three times a day and gently massage.
  • Shown to be as, if not more, effective as over-the-counter medicines.

Dr Oz: Black Elderberry Syrup

Dr. Oz’s next natural cure is one for boosting your immunity. This time of year it is especially important to have a strong immune system in order to fight off germs and bacteria, which is why Dr. Oz recommends Black Elderberry to boost your immunity and prevent you from getting sick.

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