Dr Oz: Back Pain Alternative Remedies: Physical Therapy vs Chiropractor


Dr Oz: Back Pain Remedies

Dr Oz says there is an 80% chance you’ll suffer back pain in your lifetime. Half a million people suffering from back pain opt to have surgery, but this procedure that some call overly invasive has a 50% failure rate. Doctor Oz asked the question; are surgeons too quick to cut? What do you think?


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    too late smart,,I hope and Im sure this episode will make some others exhaust all options before invasive remedies are chosen,,Ive had 3 back surgeries, one must have left me worse than the other because now Im left with a medtronic morphine pain pump and on disability for the past 6 yrs. Im nearly 59. keep doing what you’re doing and catch some people before its too late. the pain never goes away

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