Dr Oz: Bedtime Beer, Lemon Balm Tea for Cold Sores & Foot Powder

By on May 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Shocking Health Confessions

Do you have confessions that you won’t even admit to your doctor? On today’s show, Dr Oz revealed some of your most Shocking Health Confessions that could even be causing you harm.  For example, is taking double the amount of vitamins dangerous?  Plus, Doctor Oz shared some great remedies like drinking Bedtime Beer to help you sleep better, Lemon Balm Tea for cold sores and an Anti-Sweat Foot Powder.

Doubling Up on Multi-Vitamins is Dangerous

Dr Oz Bedtime Beer

Dr Oz said that if you use contact lenses for too long, you should use an OTC protein remover.

Darlene, an audience member, said she sometimes forgot to take her vitamin and would double and triple up the next few days. She didn’t want to admit this to her doctor because she figured it was okay because it was only an OTC vitamin. Dr Oz says anything strong enough to help you is strong enough to hurt you.

When you take a vitamin daily, your body gets what it needs. If you skip a couple of days and then double/triple up, you may have a toxic reaction. For instance, vitamins with antioxidants may become pro-oxidants, and you don’t want that.

Dr Oz: Protein Remover for Contact Lenses

Janice, an audience member, said she overextended the wear on her contact lenses. Instead of a week, she could wear them for a month at a time.

Doctor Oz says when you wear contacts too long, you get germs and a protein build-up on the lens. The protein build-up may end up scraping your cornea. (Dr Oz has seen entire corneas peel away because of this.) When you have that opening in your cornea, bacteria gets in and causes an infection. This can cause scar tissue and even blindness.

To help get rid of protein, Dr Oz says use an OTC protein remover for your lens. Use 1 drop inside your contact lens case and let sit for at least 6 hours.

Dr Oz: Bedtime Beer Review

Cindy, an audience member, said she sometimes “borrowed” one of her hubby’s prescription sleeping pills for sleep.
Dr Oz says this is a no-no, but people do it anyway. Prescription sleeping pills are designed for someone who may be of a different size, therefore you may be overdosing yourself.

For sleep, try a Bedtime Beer. Combine Hops extract and club soda. Add in some orange for taste. This combination will help calm you down. The orange brings in sweetness and lowers cortisol levels, so you aren’t stressed out. Take this mixture 90 minutes before bedtime.

Dr Oz: Duct Tape Wart Remedy

Do you have a disgusting wart you would love to get rid of? You can with duct tape. Cut out a small square large enough to fit over the wart. (This suffocates the wart) Put over the wart for a week. At the end of the week, remove the duct tape and then take an Emory board and sand down. Repeat process until it’s gone. (This may take a few weeks.)  You can read more about it at the following link: Duct Tape Wart Remover.

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Tea Cold Sore Remedy

Have a nasty cold sore that’s grossing you (and everyone else) out? Get rid of the sore by boiling 1 cup of lemon balm tea. Let it cool off. Throughout the day, dip a cotton ball in the tea and apply to the sore. Dr Oz says this method may boost healing time too.

Dr Oz: Anti-Sweat Foot Powder

To help get rid of excessive foot sweating and odor, try an anti-sweat foot powder. Mix 1 Tbsp baking soda and 1Tbsp of FRESH cornstarch. Put it in your shoe or your sock to help soak up moisture and get rid of odor.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Bedtime Beer, Lemon Balm Tea for Cold Sores & Foot Powder

  1. How much club soda and hops do you use to make the bedtime drink?

  2. Dorothy Greenidge says:

    How much hops extract to club soda for bedtime beer?

  3. Dorothy Greenidge says:

    How much hops extract to club soda for bedtime beer? Thanks

  4. Carol Flippo says:

    would love to have bedtime beer recipe to make for my husband. He works nights and has trouble going to sleep in the morning when he gets home.

  5. Rhonda angle says:

    What is the recipe beer bedtime sleep help?

  6. What are the answers about amounts for this bedtime beer?????

  7. PLEASE publish the amounts of the hops, club soda and orange juice to make the Bedtime Beer!! PLEASE

  8. Dorothy says:

    Please answer the request for amts of club soda, hops and orange for bedtime beer.

  9. Lynn Bell says:

    Your site stinks, I have been try for weeks to get amount for Bedtime beer. you wont publish it!~!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You need to give the amount of the ingreadents in items. No good to us without.

  11. Duane Zurovec says:

    What are ratios for the bedtime beer? Thank you!

  12. Duane Zurovec says:

    What are the ratios for the bedtime beer? Thank you!

  13. Char smith says:

    Please post the recipe for bedtime beer. You didn’t give the amount of hops to use.

  14. Colleen Mishich says:

    What is the recipe for the bedtime beer. Amounts would be helpful.

    Thank You,
    Colleen Mishich

  15. I think we have all requested this but we need the amounts of these ingredients.

  16. Hey, everyone is asking for the ratio of orange to hops to club soda. I couldn’t find it either but I am currently trying the recipe. I took 40 drops of hops extract, a little less than a cup of club soda (I eyeballed it) and 1/4 slice of a big orange. I’m feeling super calm right now, I’ll repost tomorrow morning if it worked.

  17. Hops Recipe from Dr. Oz Show website:

    Combine Hops extract (follow the dosage recommendation specific to the brand and potency you purchase) and club soda. Add in some orange juice for taste. Take 90 minutes before bedtime.

  18. how much of each product for the bedtime beer…you people just make life so hard,,,,we need ingredients don’t ya know….just do it right the first time!!!!

  19. I cannot believe that people have been asking this question for five months and no one has responded! I think the reason no one is responding is that they don’t know the answer! If you google hops extract you’ll see numerous articles about the benefits as a sedative, but no one says how much to use!!! I just tried it: put 15 drops of hops in 1/3 cup of orange juice and about 1/4 cup of club soda. We’ll see how it works!

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