Dr Oz: Bedtime Beer, Lemon Balm Tea for Cold Sores & Foot Powder


Dr Oz: Shocking Health Confessions

Do you have confessions that you won’t even admit to your doctor? On today’s show, Dr Oz revealed some of your most Shocking Health Confessions that could even be causing you harm.  For example, is taking double the amount of vitamins dangerous?  Plus, Doctor Oz shared some great remedies like drinking Bedtime Beer to help you sleep better, Lemon Balm Tea for cold sores and an Anti-Sweat Foot Powder.

Doubling Up on Multi-Vitamins is Dangerous

Dr Oz Bedtime Beer

Dr Oz said that if you use contact lenses for too long, you should use an OTC protein remover.


  1. Carol Flippo says

    would love to have bedtime beer recipe to make for my husband. He works nights and has trouble going to sleep in the morning when he gets home.

  2. Helen says

    PLEASE publish the amounts of the hops, club soda and orange juice to make the Bedtime Beer!! PLEASE

  3. Dorothy says

    Please answer the request for amts of club soda, hops and orange for bedtime beer.

  4. Lynn Bell says

    Your site stinks, I have been try for weeks to get amount for Bedtime beer. you wont publish it!~!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Colleen Mishich says

    What is the recipe for the bedtime beer. Amounts would be helpful.

    Thank You,
    Colleen Mishich

  6. A says

    Hey, everyone is asking for the ratio of orange to hops to club soda. I couldn’t find it either but I am currently trying the recipe. I took 40 drops of hops extract, a little less than a cup of club soda (I eyeballed it) and 1/4 slice of a big orange. I’m feeling super calm right now, I’ll repost tomorrow morning if it worked.

  7. JLA says

    Hops Recipe from Dr. Oz Show website:

    Combine Hops extract (follow the dosage recommendation specific to the brand and potency you purchase) and club soda. Add in some orange juice for taste. Take 90 minutes before bedtime.

  8. says

    how much of each product for the bedtime beer…you people just make life so hard,,,,we need ingredients don’t ya know….just do it right the first time!!!!

  9. mamajana says

    I cannot believe that people have been asking this question for five months and no one has responded! I think the reason no one is responding is that they don’t know the answer! If you google hops extract you’ll see numerous articles about the benefits as a sedative, but no one says how much to use!!! I just tried it: put 15 drops of hops in 1/3 cup of orange juice and about 1/4 cup of club soda. We’ll see how it works!

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