Dr Oz: Boswellia & Powdered Ginger for Joint Pain & 7 Pain Solutions

By on October 12, 2012

Dr Oz: 7 Natural Pain Solutions

Millions of Americans suffer with chronic pain every day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr Oz came up with a variety of solutions to help people relieve pain naturally. Check out why he says Capsaicin Cream, Vitamin B12, Powdered Ginger and Boswellia are keys to pain relief.  In fact some of these are part of these Natural Pain Remedies that Doctor Oz shared on a previous show.

Viewers online were quick to share their thoughts about pain, and the results were alarming. About 60% of people reported being in pain seven days a week, and the most common types of pain are back and neck pain.

But Dr Oz is ready to help us find natural remedies for these everyday pain complaints. Do you think his solutions can make a difference in only a week?

Dr Oz: What Causes Back Pain

Dr Oz: 300mg Boswellia, Capsaicin Nasal Spray & B12 for Chronic Pain

Dr Oz shared his all natural pain solutions for neck and back problems, including 300mg Boswellia, powdered ginger, Capsaicin nasal spray & Vitamin B12.

To get the benefits, Dr Oz said you have to use his solutions every day for a week. To help him, a woman from the audience said her back pain gets worse the longer she sits at her desk during the workday.

Dr Oz showed her the nerves of the spinal column. Movement during the day is moving the discs between our bones. Nerves around them are pushed, stretched and irritated, causing pain that can radiate to the neck or legs.

Dr Oz: Vitamin B12 Back Pain Remedy

The first pain solution is to add a Vitamin B12 supplement to your daily routine. This helps coat the nerves and keeps them from becoming inflamed so easily. Dr Oz said it’s available in a variety of forms, but he suggested a daily 1 mg Vitamin B12 pill. You can also absorb it under your tongue if you prefer.

Dr Oz: Capsaicin Cream Neck Pain Solution

Dr Oz’s next bit of advice was using Capsaicin products every day. You can find it in a Capsaicin cream, and Dr Oz massaged it on his volunteer’s neck. There is a tingling, stinging sensation that happens after this topical treatment.

Capsaicin is the same thing that makes chili peppers hot. Dr Oz said this stimulates and soothes nerve fibers, and he wanted pain sufferers to try it first thing in the morning. There is also a headache remedy Capsaicin Nasal Spray.

The volunteer didn’t mind the nasal spray at all, and if that’s how easy it is to cure a headache, I think a lot of people could get on board with that.

Dr Oz: Joint Pain Remedy

Kelly was also in the audience, and she suffers from joint pain, another common complaint. Some days she says she can’t even get out of bed. She has pain that starts in her knee and radiates to the hips.

Dr Oz said the body magnifies pain, and joint pain happens to many adults with aging. The cushion (the meniscus) in the knee joint starts to shrink, and the joint gets rubbed raw from friction.

Dr Oz: Boswellia Extract Joint Pain Remedy

Boswellia is an herbal remedy that reduces friction. Look for a 40% acid concentration of a 300mg Boswellia Extract. Take it in the morning for best results.

Dr Oz: Ground Ginger Joint Pain Remedy

Dr Oz said you can also add 1/2 teaspoon Ginger to tea or water to help naturally relieve your joint pain. Sometimes people prefer it in lemonade, he said. Make this part of your morning routine to see if it helps relieve joint pain.

These remedies sound easy and natural. Have you tried any of them? Let me know in the comments how they worked out.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Boswellia & Powdered Ginger for Joint Pain & 7 Pain Solutions

  1. I went to my local health food store and picked up some Boswellia Extract. I have been suffering with chestwall pain for quite a while and regular medicine is not working. Before trying the extract, I asked my doctor and she had not heard about it. I then asked my local pharmacist, and he asked me if I was on Warfarin or Coumadin. I said no but I have a problem with blood clots. I was told to definitely NOT take Boswellia. Please be very careful if this is something you are thinking of taking. Check with your Pharmacist first.

  2. geraldine king says:

    this AM as I’m sipping the last of my ginger laced coffee I decide to research (side effects) aha. since ginger causes platelets to become less sticky – do not use ginger if you are taking coumadin. I don’t take rat poisen but do take another blood thinner. have I put myself at risk? why was that caution not mentioned on the show with drs weil and oz?

  3. I was take ginger to calm my stomach and to help handle my vertigo. I had to be put on coumadin for a little while and my doctors never mentioned stopping. I would check with your doctor and see what they say.

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