Dr Oz: Butcher’s Broom Extract & Horsetail Extract Remedies


Dr Oz Herbal Remedies

Do you have razor burns, cracked feet and nails or even varicose veins? On today’s show, regardless of your biggest body complaint, Doctor Oz gave you the best Herbal Remedies. Plus earlier in the show, he spoke about simple Detox Plans to get healthy.  I love all of these natural ideas!!!

Dr Oz Butcher’s Broom Extract & Horsetail Extract

Dr Oz spoke about herbal remedies like Butcher’s Broom Extract & Horsetail Extract.

Dr Oz: Rose Water & Glycerin Cracked Feet Remedy

Ginny, an audience member, showed Dr Oz her dry, cracked feet. (What a brave soul!) She told Dr Oz she used lotions and pumice stones but nothing worked. Doctor Oz says cracked feet are a sign of poor circulation and inflammation. These may not be the causes, but it couldn’t hurt to get checked out by a doctor. Once those have been ruled out, try rose water and glycerin. Combine 3 Tbsp of water with 1 Tbsp rosewater and massage onto your feet. Put on at night after shower and leave on overnight. (Wear socks so you don’t mess up your sheets.) The rosewater will hydrate the skin. Try for a few nights per week. Do for at least 2 weeks.

Dr Oz: Sandalwood Oil Razor Burn Remedy

To help get rid of razor burns, drip sandalwood oil onto the skin and massage. Sandalwood oil contains antiseptic properties to help prevent possible infections. Do this to prep the skin before shaving. (Good to use under the arms or on sensitive areas.)

Dr Oz: Horsetail Extract Brittle Nail Remedy

For brittle nails, Terri suggested steering clear of acrylic nails because that can make the problem worse. Horsetail extract comes in a tea form or a supplement. Drink 1 cup per day. Horsetail extract contains silica, which strengthens the nails.

Dr Oz: Butcher’s Broom Extract for Varicose Veins

Pregnancy is a common reason varicose veins form. Butcher’s Broom Extract constricts the vessels and squeezes blood out of them to help reduce the appearance. Drop in a few drops of Butcher’s Broom Extract with your moisturizer and mix. Apply to the vein and let sit there for a few minutes. Do this 2 x per day. Results should happen in the next week or two.

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