Dr Oz: Canker Sore Remedies & Canker Sore Causes

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Dr Oz: Canker Sore Remedies & Canker Sore Causes

By on February 15, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment on Canker Sores, those little nuisances that make your mouth hurt and make it difficult to eat.  Doctor Oz said that Canker Sores effect more women than men.  In fact, 1 in 5 adults have recurring Canker Sores from their Menstrual Cycle and stress, but do you know the other Canker Sore Triggers?  And do you know some effective Canker Sore Remedies?  I love Home Remedies, and Dr Oz did not disappoint with this segment’s Canker Sore Remedies!

Dr Oz: Canker Sore Causes

Dr Oz said that the following three things can be Canker Sore Triggers:Dr Oz Canker Sore Home Remedies

1.  Tomato Juice – in general, you should avoid acidic foods if you have Canker Sores often.

2.  Nutrient Deficiency – Canker Sores can be caused by a lack of iron, b-12 or folic acid

3.  Toothpaste – SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in toothpaste can be a problem for some people

Dr Oz: What Is A Canker Sore?

Dr Oz said that on the inside of your mouth or the inside of your cheek you have a delicate lining.  When you destroy this outer lining, you no longer have a protective surface.  And once your surface is gone, then begs begin to grow and your body tries to defend itself by forming a Canker Sore.

Dr Oz: Canker Sore vs Cold Sore vs Herpes

Dr Oz said that a common misconception is that a Canker Sore is caused by Herpes.  There is a big difference between a Cold Sore, which can be caused by Herpes, and a Canker Sore which is caused by irritation.  A Cold Sore or Herpes is usually found on your lips or the outside of your mouth.  Whereas Canker Sores occur on the inside of your mouth.

Dr Oz said that he worries if your Canker Sores last a long time, because it could be an issue of Cancer or Inflammatory Bowel Disease or even Celiac Disease.  Usually your body heals itself in 3-5 days from a Canker Sore, but definitely if it lasts longer than 3 weeks, you should see a doctor.

Dr Oz: Milk of Magnesia for Canker Sores

Dr Oz said that you can apply an ointment with Benzocaine to your Canker Sore, or you can dab on some Milk of Magnesia to cover up the Canker Sore.  The Milk of Magnesia helps to take away the acidic area and to neutralize it so that you have less pain.

Dr Oz: Tea Bag for Canker Sores

Dr Oz said that another Canker Sore Home Remedy is to moisten a tea bag and to apply it to the inside of your mouth where you have the Canker Sore.  The tanins in the tea will help to relieve the pain.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Canker Sore Remedies & Canker Sore Causes

  1. Blanka Slaughter says:

    I have bitten inside my cheeks often and cause sores,I had one biopsy last week it was so bad that I had gone thru salivary glands,very painful and took two weeks to heal. I do grind my teeth at night too,use guard occasionally,hate it because with it I bite harder and wake up with painful jaw.
    Today I woke up with an enormous sore on my upper lip,I could feel as it was coming on last night,tingling and little numbness then pain even though I applied Blistex balm right away.I have been under stress do to my RA,OA,IBD & Fibro,I was put on Remecade 5 mg and after 2 doses my liver function is elevated,now I was told not to take any Celebrex or pain med for 2 weeks,so pain is been BAD and sleeping not good.I guess is a reason for my sore !….
    Thank you for listening and keep up the good work I never miss your shows !!!…B.

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