Dr Oz Cayenne Pepper Paste Psoriasis Remedy & Caraway Mint Tea

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Dr Oz Cayenne Pepper Paste Psoriasis Remedy & Caraway Mint Tea

By on April 9, 2012

Dr Oz Remedies

Are you still looking for remedies to your most common ailments after reading about Dr Oz’s Skin Remedies and Cold Remedies? Good, because Doctor Oz has plenty of ‘em on today’s show. In this segment, find out how to cure your digestive issues, and what to do about rectal pain.

Dr Oz Cayenne Pepper Paste Psoriasis Remedy

Dr Oz said Caraway Mint Tea is great for digestive issues.

Cayenne Pepper Paste for Psoriasis

To get rid of that dry, itchy and often times irritating skin condition, Dr Oz says to make a cayenne pepper paste. To make, simply add equal parts olive oil and cayenne pepper and apply with a spoon.

Dr Oz Caraway Mint Tea for Digestion

Get rid of digestive problems with 1 Tbsp caraway seeds, 1tsp dried mint, 12 oz water and 1 tsp honey. This anti-queasy remedy will help with your digestion. (You can chill the tea too.)

Dr Oz Artichoke Weed Extract for Digestion

Fix your digestive issues with artichoke weed extract. Take 1 capsule 2 x per day. The extract will increase the amount of bile needed to digest.

Dried Figs Hemorrhoid Remedy

Rectal pain can lead to hemorrhoids. To avoid, try softening the stool. Dr Oz says to use 3 dried figs, clean them in hot water, soak them overnight and eat on an empty stomach.

White Radish & Honey Soft Stool Remedy

Dr Oz says to mix 1 cup of chopped white radish with 1 tsp of honey. This concoction will help stimulate the muscles in the intestines so it’s easier to go to the bathroom.

Dr Oz B & B Oatmeal Recipe for Softer Stool

As all Dr Oz Fans know, your poop should come out in the form of an “S.” If it doesn’t, you can fix that. Try Dr Oz’s B & B Oatmeal. Mix ½ C of blackberries, 1 banana and 1 C steel cut oatmeal. This remedy tastes good and is gentle on the stomach.

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Comments to Dr Oz Cayenne Pepper Paste Psoriasis Remedy & Caraway Mint Tea

  1. Dear Dr. Oz,
    How long, per treatment, should the olive oil/cayenne paste be left on the skin with psoriasis?
    How often should this be applied?
    Is there an average time it takes to remove the psoriasis?

  2. Roderick Oh says:

    cayenne paste is a trigger food for psoriasis nightshade veggies are horrible so are potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, tobacco, eggplants, tapioca starch etc., Why would Dr. Oz recommend this? Media is a powerful tool to disseminate information. Dairy is a no no for psoriasis, no shellfish, no gluten, no refined sugars, no caffeine, no chocolates. Eat brown rice stay green and drink lots of water read dr john paganos book details are in there

  3. Roderick, you are partly right. It is the capsaicin in Cayenne that helps psoriasis patients.
    The treatment, if the psoriasis is mild, takes about a week, should the paste be applied at least to times a day. More severe psoriasis obviously takes a little longer.
    ALWAYS try it out on a small psoriasis rash…

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