Dr Oz: Coffee Bean Extract, California Poppy Seed & Natural Remedies


Dr Oz: Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

More than half of you have taken one in the last month. American have spent 300 billion dollars last year alone on prescription medication. We pop pills to treat health issues such as high cholesterol and anxiety. These pills mask your symptoms, but are they really curing the problem? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Alternative Medicine Expert, Bryce Wilde, to give you the top all natural alternatives to prescription drugs, and you know how we love Natural Home Remedies!

Dr Oz: Apple Cider Vinegar Acid Reflux Remedy

Prescription drugs like Pepcid are used to treat acid reflux.


  1. Jess says

    Hello! Where can I find the California Poppy that was on the show? It looked like a big juice bottle but all I can find is the teeny bottle of extract. If we take 3/4 teaspoon of that every day it would be gone in two days! So do you know what product they showed on the show? Thanks!

  2. says

    Please advise a safe site to purchase the California Poppy Extract that was advised for pain on Dr Oz show 3/22/12. Thank you.

  3. Norman Butler says

    Sorry to ask again but where is the link for the $7 green coffee bean extract? wanting to request the followup comments via email check.

  4. Monica P says

    Where can we purchase the item California poppy extract and the green coffee bean extract?
    I have chronic pain and my husband has high blood pressure.

  5. Windy says

    I have looked and it seems the 4 oz bottles are all out at the manufacture! SO we will have to wait!! I agree 1 oz is not enough!

  6. says

    So if they have to be California Brand Poppy Seeds, where can I buy them. I have chronic Migraines, MS, Fibro and CFS.. and about 6 herniated disc …. This known relief would be nice. And a better quality of life. Thank You Dr OZ for all you do.

  7. Joanne Seagraves says

    Where can I purchase the green unroasted coffe bean capsules? I am interested in finding out more. Thanks

  8. says

    I see the post here.That I have been directed to with an email..nothing new,,,.I have also looked through your catalog only to be unable to find the California Poppy Seeds, for pain relief. I keep being sent to the same page and I have also looked at his episode in review lineup to only be sent back to this comment page…Can your site or can’t you direct the clients/patients/people to the correct site for the items wanted…there are 16 post of the same two request over and over…Help or direct us to where we can be helped…Thank You So Much, Roxanne Arrowsmith Chattanooga, TN

  9. maximus says

    Attention! If you are looking for poppy seeds you are looking for the wrong thing. You need to look for California Poppy Extract. California is not the brand it is the name of the flower that the extract is taken from.

  10. RobinS says

    Where do I find the california poppy seed extract? Every where i look it’s only seeds, not the oil! Help please

  11. maximus says

    Again it is not poppy “seed” anything. You need to look for California Poppy Extract. if you just do a google search for California Poppy Extract there are a few sites that will come up. One brand is Herb Pharm but they are selling our all over the web.

  12. Shad says

    on march 22nd 2012 Dr. Oz spoke on the use of California Poppy Extract, I have recently found my self in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer and told I can no longer use Anti Inflammatory. Do you know if I can get California Poppy Extract in Canada for i have been unsuccessful in my search.

  13. Laura says

    Dr Oz, It seems very cruel that a potential help for patients that suffer from chronic pain was advertised on your show and is NOT available! Your show gives people hope for treatments for their physical health, how can you feel right about doing this. Can’t find the california poppy oil, even in the miniature bottles that will cost significantly more than was told on your show. Shame on you, I am very disappointed.

  14. clara says

    Question on the poppy extract, will it cause someone to test positive for opiates in a drug screen?

  15. maximus says

    The reason that you can’t find it is that it was shown on DR Oz and his fans have bought up all the supplies that the stores had. I am sure that the manufacturer is working overtime to process some more. You just need to be patient. My order is back ordered for 2 to 10 days. Shame on you for blaming Dr OZ for the popularity of his show and the speed with which his fans take his advice. He is not the manufacturer and does not control how much of a product they have on hand. I am sure that they did not know how many people would go out and try to purchase this product. You need to get over yourself and your anger and just place an order and wait like the rest of us. I am sure that you can make it another few days.

  16. Kaylene says

    California Poppy Extract is available from many sites online. Just google it and you will find many options. It may be sold out right now due to the immense publicity. As for the person who asked if it would make you fail a drug test. It is VERY LIKELY that you would fail a drug test, Just eating poppy seeds will make you fail a drug test. However, if you talk to whomever is testing you and let them know that you are taking this herb then they may not fail you for that specific part of the test, which would be opiates.
    Has anyone found the green unroasted coffee bean extract? I have found it but it does not specify that it is unroasted. Does it need to specify this?

  17. says

    I wouldnt trust a word that Oz says as he is a filthy Turk whos ancestors murdered millions of my peaceful ancestors, hesprobably also a terrorist as all muslims are.

  18. Windy says

    I saw the green tea caps bottles at Walmart for 9.98 damn too cuz I ordered the pure greentea caps on line for 14 each grrrrr too late now

  19. Pamela Tash says

    California Poppy Extract is a WASTE of money. I personally wasted $40 for a small bottle of 99% grain alcohol with 1% herb that does NOTHING but taste HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Get a prescription for Percocet if you need pain relief.

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