Dr Oz: Dragon’s Blood Lotion, Propolis, Jojoba Oil: Dry Skin Remedies

Dr Oz did a segment called Miracle Cures for Cracked Skin to help four women who had very dry skin and needed relief.  Doctor Oz spoke about all kinds of Dry Skin Remedies from Propolis for Dry Lips to Jojoba Oil for Dry Hands to Dragon’s Blood Lotion for Dry Heels to Oranges for Dry Elbows.  Click here to read more skin home remedies: Skin Remedies.

Dr Oz: Propolis & Dry Lips

Dr Oz said that Propolis is the Dr Oz Miracle Cures for Cracked Skinfirst miracle cure that dates back to 350 BC.  Honey bees make Propolis and use it to sterilize themselves.  You just apply a little Propolis to your dry lips with a Q-Tip and your dry lips will be cured in no time!  Dr Oz said that you can find Propolis for $12.  Click here for more related home remedies: Mouth Remedies.

Dr Oz: Jojoba Oil & Dry Hands

Dr Oz said that Jojoba Oil comes from a shrub that is native to deserts in the Southwest.  Jojoba Oil is very moisturizing because it is sucked up quickly by your skin.  You can find it for $10 in health stores or online and you can even use it as a massage oil.  Click here for more Skin Remedies.

Dr Oz: Dragon’s Blood Lotion & Dry Heels

Dr Oz said that Dragon’s Blood comes from trees that grow in the Amazon and were first used in the 1600’s to improve skin healing and to create a barrier that is like a second skin.  Naturally Dragon’s Blood is thick and red in its purest form, but Dr Oz showed a white Dragon’s Blood Lotion. Click here for more Skin Remedies.

Dr Oz: Oranges & Dry Elbows

Dr Oz said that you should treat your supermarket like a pharmacy.  Oranges originate from Asia, and if you cut an orange in half and rub your elbow in it, then the fruit acid from the orange loosens up your skin and reveals a new layer of skin underneath.  Dr Oz said that you can even squeeze out the orange juice and drink it first before using it on the rest of your elbow.  Click here for more Skin Remedies.


  1. Christy Sigler says

    Hello, I saw the Dr Oz show for the first time this week. I just loved it.. I normally don’t watch talk shows or even games shows. But the Dr Oz show is so different.. I would love to see it live.. How do I get tickets. I live in Texas. The show on dry skin was great.. I learned so much and also the other self test Dr Oz did.. i wish I could watch Dr Oz every day..

  2. says

    Christy, you can request tickets to see his show live by calling the NBC Ticket Line at 212-664-3056, Option 4, between 9 am and 5 pm. Good luck! It is a blast 🙂

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