Dr Oz: Eczema Baking Soda Bath Remedy & Ingrown Toenail Remedy

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Dr Oz: Eczema Baking Soda Bath Remedy & Ingrown Toenail Remedy

By on April 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Skin Remedies from A-Z

You’ve addressed the inside (with Dr Oz’s Ultimate Health Guide from A to Z), now it’s time to take care of the outside. Dr Oz was joined by Dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day (not the old-school actress, btw!) to show you easy solutions for your most annoying skin problems, and who can resist a bunch of good Remedies?

Dr Oz Eczema Remedy

Dr Oz Ingrown Toenail & Eczema Remedy

Dr Oz Remedies included a cure for Ingrown Toenails and one for Eczema.

Eczema is the excessive drying out of your skin. (Those with eczema know this is more than just dry, flaky skin.) With eczema, you may have other irritants like red or rash-y skin.

Eczema Baking Soda Bath Cure

Doctor Oz says to help get rid of dry, itchy skin, try mixing ½ c of baking soda into warm bath. Soak your body for at least 30 minutes. The baking soda will soothe your skin.

Dr Oz Fever Remedy

Dr Oz says to help bust that fever, try drinking fluids that are high in vitamin C like orange juice (the old favorite) and cranberry juice. These juices help to regulate the system and will help you avoid dehydration.

Dr Oz Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign growths that can be genetic. They most often occur in areas such as the neck and groin and often become irritated. Nicole, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she had skin tags on the back of her neck. She said she felt and touched them and it drove her nuts. Dr. Day told Doctor Oz that skin tags can be as small as a sunflower or as big as a fig. When in the neck area, they may become irritated with jewelry that rubs against it. Dr. Day said she could tell a skin tag has been there for a while if hair is growing out of it. (Um, yuck!) The good news is that this is also a sign that it’s benign.

Dr Oz Skin Tag Remedy

Dr. Day did not suggest trying to remove the skin tag yourself, though on a previous show Dr Oz spoke about how to remove a skin tag with dental floss (read about that here: Dr Oz Skin Tag Remedy). Instead, visit your doctor’s office to have it removed. A medical professional will numb up the area and use a pair of scissors to gently remove it. Then, they burn the base so the skin tag does not scar or come back. (Nicole had her skin tag removed on stage and told Dr Oz she didn’t feel it at all.)

Dr Oz Hives Remedy

Hives are raised red patches when histamine is released. This happens because of all kinds of causes, such as allergies. When exposed to allergens, the body’s immune system is alerted and releases histamine. When it gets into the skin, it dilates the blood vessels and creates the hives. Dr. Day said hives were a form of hypersensitivity. Your body is simply reacting to a cold, virus or something else.

Hives Remedy

When treating hives, antihistamines are the best. Look for products like Benadryl, Claritin, Allegra and Zyrtec to suppress the hives. Topical cortisones don’t treat hives but it may eliminated some of the itching.

Dr Oz Ingrown Toenail Remedy

Ingrown toenails are caused by genetics or high friction. (closed toe shows, running, dancing). Ingrown toenails may also be caused by how you cut your toenails. They are very uncomfortable and cause pain.

Ingrown Nail Remedy

Cut your toenails properly. Dr. Day says the best way to cut your toenail is straight across so you don’t get edges that can grow into the skin. If you do have ingrown toenails, try soaking your feet in Epsom salt or use the band-aid therapy. To use the band-aid therapy, place the band-aid on backwards so you’re pulling the nail away from the nail bed. Make it tight so the nail grows over the skin. This method teaches the nail to grow back over the skin and not into the skin.

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  1. I did not understand the band aid use for ingrown toenail.

  2. does Dr Oz comment on natural methods for lowering high blood pressure?

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