Dr Oz: Eye Drops For Acne, Aspirin For Dandruff: Wacky Beauty Treats


Dr Oz played a game called Wacky Beauty Treats That Work.  Doctor Oz had two contestants and asked each one what items they have in their medicine cabinets that would make good beauty treatments?  One lady said she always turns to her antihistamines for allergies and the other lady said her staple in her pantry is her headache medicine.

Dr Oz: Eye Drops Pimple Remedy

Dr Oz asked whether pepto bismol or eye drops are effective for treating pimples or acne.  He said that eye drops are great for acne because the redness reliever Dr Oz Wacky Beauty Treatsfound in eye drops constricts blood vessels and removes the red from the pimple.  Click here to read more about how to use eye drops to clear up acne: Acne Home Remedy.  I have also heard from quite a few people that Pepto Bismol is effective for treating acne, you can read about that home remedy here: Pepto Bismol Acne Remedy.

Dr Oz: Aspirin Dandruff Remedy

Dr Oz asked whether Sudafed or Aspirin works to clear up Dandruff.  The answer is that Aspirin is a great Dandruff Remedy because it is made of salicylic acid which lowers the pH of your skin and scalp, making it harder for fungus to grow there.  You can make a paste out of Aspiring and apply it to your hair for a few minutes, and then shampoo it out.

Dr Oz: Hydrocortisone Cream Under-Eye Puffiness Remedy

Dr Oz asked whether Capsaicin Cream or Hydrocortisone Cream would help to remove Undereye Puffiness.  Dr Oz said that Hydrocortisone Cream helps to remove puffiness under your eyes because it reduces inflammation.  Take 1/2% to 1% Hydrocortisone Cream and rub it under your eyes for a couple of weeks, or mix it with some eye cream to use it for 6 weeks.


  1. jain alderwood says

    Dr Oz. – I have used hydrocortisone cream for rashes I get because I am allergic to metal – (shoes, watches, jeans, money and glasses hard to avoid). My doctor always cautions to use sparingly because it can permanently thin the skin … so, what about your tip to use it every day under your eyes – isn’t this skin already thin and fragile. is this really a good idea??? Or is my doc overly cautious about cortisone use. My under eye area is puffy and anything that could help with that is obviously something I’d like to try. Thanx – Jain

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