Dr Oz: Fibromyalgia Remedies, Symptoms, Treatments & Foods To Avoid


Dr Oz: Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Do you have unexplained pain that transfers from one body part to another? It may not be all in your head—you may have something called fibromyalgia. On today’s show, Doctor Oz explores how this debilitating disease works and what treatments can cure the pain.  Dr Oz also recently did a show where Gua Sha was mentioned as a natural remedy for Fibromyalgia.


  1. says

    D5-Ribose ???? where…? am taking prednisone since Oct 2012 when I try to get off of it..all the pain comes back. My Dr. says there is nothing else that works…. Help! Carole J. Petty

  2. Monica Taboada says

    Pregabalina (Lyrica) worked wonderful for me in addition to Cymbalta (antidepressive). I was diagnose two years ago, and after one year medication I feel wonderful, I also go to the gym, walk in the morning to the park and finally try to be happy and avoid stress.

  3. Peggy Lyttle says

    I was diagnosed 5 yrs ago and ultimately ended up on Cymbalta (anti-depressant – a seratonin and nora-epinephrine re-uptake-inhibitor) and Amrix ER (a muscle relaxant) and daily stretching and exercise have made my pain very manageable. As long as I get enough sleep, exercise and take the meds I am all good; but if one piece of that puzzle is missing then I do not have as good a day. BUT never as painful a day as before the right mix of meds, sleep and exercise!!

  4. Stephanie Albrecht says

    Sounds like some of you have had some luck with some of the medications that are available for Fibromyalgia. I started out on this long journey 7 years ago. Cymbalta even at it’s maximum level did not help even in the slightest. Lyrica just made me gain weight and more weight as they increased the dosage. I ended up also being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis which I hear is common with having Fibromyalgia and also having spine and neck (chronic)pain due to degenterative disc problems. Now, in the past two years the discs in my neck (4) have become more bulging and spaces are narrowing, lower back discs (4) are bulging and narrowing all the way down as well, and the Fibromyalgia continues be out of control. I have had a Rhizotomy, injections, am in Physical Therapy 2-3 times a week, message therapy 2-3 times a week, use some meditation, have my art,starting water aerobics, possible seeing another accupucturist, and am still seeking some relief hopefully next week going back to my Rheumatory Specialist next week. I went to a Spine Surgeon two weeks ago and he told me that there are many other options as far as medications that they can prescribe. As far as surgery…. It’s what they all say … It’s not time yet……

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