Dr Oz: Fire Cupping, Russian Steam Bath & Leech Therapy


Dr Oz: Outrageous Alternative Treatments

On today’s show, Doctor Oz explores alternative treatments that have been used around the world for years, after sharing some fabulous Pain Remedies. Some of these treatments have even been used by people in Hollywood like Debra Messing, Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman, who swears by gem therapy. Once considered taboo and controversial, more and more alternative treatments are turning mainstream. But do they all work? Which one would you try? And if you love these types of things, then click on the following link for a recap of another similar segment done by Dr Oz: Equine Horse & Bee Therapy.

Dr Oz: Fire Cupping Review

Dr. Henry McCann, Licensed Acupuncturist, joined Doctor Oz to perform the fire cupping treatment on a patient. Dr. McCann swabbed a cotton ball with alcohol and wiped the back of the patient. He then heated the air inside the cup. He placed the cup on the patient’s back, where it promptly pulled up the skin. (Dr. Oz had a close up shot and it looked rather gross!) According to Dr. McCann, many use fire cupping for acute and chronic pain management. This treatment takes about a day to work.


  1. Tom K says

    I have seen fire cupping demonstrations up close. You have to know what you are doing so that you don’t accidentally burn someone. If you don’t create a great deal of suction, the amount of force is quite reasonable. The people I have spoken to all said that it was quite relaxing & enjoyable (& not gross)! 🙂

  2. says

    hello, found your site while browsing the internet for articles on: cupping using honey as a massage medium.

    Just wanted to take a minute and place a correction in your statement above about Dr. Oz and fire cupping.

    your site says,” Dr Oz Verdict: Fire cupping actually helps relieve pain. One side effect is some bruising.”

    “It is not bruising you see when cupping therapy is performed.”

    It, in fact, is different from bruising. If a person is in good health, has good blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and is not overwhelmed with acid or toxins in the body, immediately after cupping therapy is administered the skin will only be of slight pink color or appear normal.

    On the other-hand, If a person is of poor health, has poor circulation in the body or a certain area, or is full of acid or toxins due to many internal and external factors; you will see markings or discoloration of the skin.

    These must not be confused with bruises. What you are seeing are: old cellular debris, bad blood, toxins, and acid that is trapped in the body being pulled to the surface of the skin. Depending on the severity of the condition discoloration will appear and will then dissipate in as little as two hours to at most two weeks. When Cupping pulls this bad blood and toxins to the skin surface as a circle point your body and lymphatic system goes into a flight response speeding up the healing process.

    Just wanted to make this point so people don’t get the wrong idea about cupping. It is not bruising you see rather I like to call it healing.

    peace …love…and respect..

    brother Anwar Ibrahim

    Center Of Holistic Health-Care

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