Dr Oz: Five Tibetans Workout Exercises & Chris Kilham’s Yoga Moves


Dr Oz: Chanting with Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter

Dr. Oz brought Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter back to share two of The Secrets of the Shamans who have discovered the Fountain of Youth.  On the previous segments, Chris Kilham discussed remedies using Holy Basil, Reishi Mushrooms, Tulsi & Dandelion plus he spoke about the merits of Curcumin Supplements.

Chanting – Chris Kilham says chanting and music in general makes us happier. They are good for the lungs, the immune system, and the cardio vascular system. It is believed that orchestra conductors have the longest lifespans because they are in music all the time. Chanting has been part of different lifestyles of people for thousands of years. Chris Kilham then shared a short chant used for expressing gratitude for being alive.

Dr Oz: The 5 Tibetans Workout by Chris Kilham

Five Tibetans – Chris Kilham shared that he has been practicing yoga daily for 43 years and the Five Tibetans daily for 35 years, which led Dr. Oz to ask his age and he was surprised by his response of 60 years old, which brought applause from the audience as he looks pretty darn fantastic for his age. Kilham and Dr. Oz demonstrated two of the Five Tibetans for the audience.


  1. s albery says

    I would like to have the chanting native indian words used today on your episode with Chris Kilham.

  2. bty says

    i would like to know the chant along with the interpretation. Enjoyed very much the visit on Dr. Oz also thank you for the five Tibetans….And Thank You for all you bring to us.. Dr. O

  3. Cynthia says

    Could you please translate the chant that was on the end of one of your older shows. Forgive the transliteration. Chant is: Witchy ty ty enoway oranechy oranechy henay henay nowa. Since that show, this has become my mantra.

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