Dr Oz: Garlic for Foot Fungus, Chia Seeds for Weight Loss & Lemon Tea


Dr Oz did a segment on homegrown recipes and secrets to treat three common ailments.  Doctor Oz played a game called Fact or Fiction with two friends – Shamine and Donna Marie.  Does tea with lemon help sore throats?  Do Chia Seeds help you to lose weight?  Can garlic treat foot fungus like Athlete’s Foot?  Here are the answers to these questions:

Dr Oz: Sore Throat Remedy: Tea With Lemon

Dr Oz asked if it is Fact or Fiction that tea with lemon helps a sore throat?  The answer is that it is Dr Oz Home Remediesfiction.  You would think it would help because tea is warn, but lemon can actually be a problem.  While lemon is rich in vitamin c, it also has acid which can hurt a sore throat.  Dr Oz said that instead you should put honey into your tea because that soothes your throat.

Dr Oz: Chia Seeds For Weight Loss

Dr Oz asked if it is Fact or Fiction that Chia Seeds help with Weight Loss?  The answer again is that this is fiction.  Dr Oz said that he loves Chia Seeds because they are a great source of Omega 3’s, but a trial was run and could not find any proof that they help you to lose weight.

Dr Oz: Garlic for Athlete’s Foot

Dr Oz asked if it is Fact or Fiction that garlic can treat foot fungus like Athlete’s Foot?  The answer is that this is true!  Garlic has a compound in it that can fight off fungus, plus it has Anti-Fungal Nutrients.  So next time you get Athlete’s Foot, rub some garlic on your toes.


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    i have been watching your show since it,s been on TV and many times when you where on Oparh but never seem to get in on any of the free stuff. Just wondering why

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