Dr Oz: Garlic Sinus Infection Remedy & Gas Blast Home Remedy

Dr Oz did a segment called America’s Funniest Home Remedies by checking out the most hysterical Home Remedies from across the country.  From Hiccup Home Remedies to Bug Bite Home Remedies to a cough syrup made by filling an onion with honey, Doctor Oz found some bizarrely funny home remedies!  But which ones work?

Dr Oz: Gas Blast: Milk & Orange Juice Gas Remedy

One lady told Dr Oz that she does something called the Gas Blast Remedy to prevent gas and bloating.  She pours a glass Dr Oz America's Funniest Home Remedieswith orange juice and milk, drinks the whole concoction very fast, and then does 10 lunges, switching legs as quickly as possible.  Dr Oz said that the Gas Blast Home Remedy does not work, but the exercise bit is good.  If you have lactose issues, the milk in the Gas Blast could make things even worse.

Dr Oz: Garlic Sinus Infection Home Remedy

Dr Oz’s next guest said that she had chronic and acute sinusitis for a long time, but since she started doing this Garlic Sinus Infection Remedy, she has not had a sinus infection in years.  She literally snorts garlic!  She takes garlic and places it in a blender in order to eliminate chunks.  The next step is to place a drop or two in each nostril (and make sure that you remove your contacts from your eyes if you wear them).  Take a deep breathe for as long as you can stand it.  Then use a squirt of saline to wash out the inside.  Dr Oz said that this remedy might work because he loves the use of saline solution to help clear up sinus trouble.  Instead of putting garlic up your nose though, Dr Oz suggested taking garlic supplements.  I would also suggest trying out a Neti Pot.  Click here to read the comparison I did of several different neti pots: Waterpik SinuSense Product Reviews

Dr Oz: Mayonnaise Anti-Aging Skin Remedy

Dr Oz’s final guest (which was only shown on a special online segment) said that mayonnaise mixed in with eggs is the best moisturizer and anti-aging treatment.  Dr Oz said that this absolutely does work because the active ingredient in mayo is soybean oil which is great for your skin and helps to keep your skin elastic.  Plus, the vitamin a in eggs helps to reduce wrinkles and is even good for people with Psoriasis.  So I guess this is an Anti-Aging Home Remedy and Psoriasis Home Remedy all-in-one!

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