Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba Memory Remedy & Ear Candling Earwax Remedy


Dr Oz: Holistic Remedies

Dr Oz discussed a few Alternative Medicine Remedies.  In this segment, Doctor Oz brought up Lauren and Jason, a couple that had been married for 6 years.  Lauren stated that she wasn’t too keen on taking drugs, such as antibiotics, because she feared building up a tolerance to them.  Her husband, Jason, stated that he had no problems taking drugs.  While he didn’t necessarily believe the packaging claims, he was always willing to try something.  In the end, the couple wanted to know what alternative remedies they should and should not try.

Dr Oz: Ear Candling is Dangerous

Ear Candling-  This remedy to clear out earwax has become quite popular in recent months. Dr Oz Ear Candling To do this, you are to place a candle in the ear, light the candle and as it burns, it is supposed to suck out the wax.  But does this really work and should you bother spending your hard-earned money on this product?


  1. Angela karidis says

    I am not one to comment publicly, but I am disappointed with Dr. Oz. He reports that ear candling is dangerous because you can burn yourself with dripping wax. Has he ever seen candling performed? I have never observed the wax to drip. I agree that the danger of with ear candling is due to the use of a flame. That’s why reasonable people utilize a partner and a protective covering, such as a towel when candling. Yes, ear wax is protective, but excessive production reduces the ability to hear. Ear candling removes excess wax and restores hearing.

  2. Dawn Kornels says

    I have used ear candles for years- not to remove ear wax but to relieve sinus pressure/pain when nothing else worked. I did research regarding the sinus pressure I was having and decided to give the candles a try and the results were long lasting. Only once did the candles remove ear wax. Ear candling has been a around since very ancient times and in many cultures.

  3. j espirando says

    Dr Oz doesn’t have a clue on this one…..it’s an ancient remedy revered by many cultures. Done professionally and safely, is extremely effective for excessive wax removal, and sinus cleansing. Helps when you have a cold or even to dry out excess water you may have gotten into your ears from swimming.

    A local tv news station, looking into bogus alternative healing practices, conducted a test and sent the contents of used candles to a medical lab to see if the contents were the actual candle debris or what it was exactly. Turns out it was human ear wax full of bacteria, some of which were harmful to human health. Dr Oz should have done his homework on this one and at least had a candling expert appear. Very irresponsible.

  4. Cynde Benson says

    Just because you have a show does not make you an expert on everything. I have a friend who needs hearing aids – do you know anything about hearing aids Dr. Oz or are they also bad for everyone because that is another of your unreasearched subjects? The candling helps get rid of all the excess moisture due to hearing aid wear and does not damage her ears at all. The fact that you said the “dripping wax” is dangerous proves you know nothing about ear candles! Your demonstration was a joke – not even close to the obvious instructions provided when purchasing ear candles. Do your homework before you tell your “followers” that this is a bad thing and don’t do it. Earn your money – don’t just collect it. How disappointing for a “professional” to pass on such unprofessional advice.

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