Dr Oz: Goodnighties Sleepwear & Orange Infused Coconut Oil

Dr Oz: Secrets to De-Stress from Dr Oz’s Bedroom

Do you want to know what Doctor Oz does in the bedroom…to help de-stress? On today’s show, Dr Oz takes you into his home to check out his rituals to help you get a good night sleep. Find out how he de-compresses in the bedroom every evening with things like Goodnighties Sleepwear. Plus, read about Dr Oz’s Kitchen and Dr Oz’s Medicine Cabinet.

Dr Oz Goodnighties Sleepwear & Orange Infused Coconut Oil

Dr Oz spoke about Goodnighties Sleepwear & Orange Infused Coconut Oil to help get a good night's sleep.

Dr Oz says stress is the #1 major ager of your body, so when he got home from a stressful day at work, he liked to play with his dog, Rosie, for 15 minutes. For him, patting his dog is a great de-stresser. He also practiced yoga to help relax. (He demonstrated his favorite pose, the Child’s Pose, in his living room.) In order to get ready for sleep, Dr Oz meditated to let all of the stresses from the day pass.

Dr Oz: Lavender Potpourri to De-Stress

Tanya, an audience member, is a single mom and was busy all the time. In order to relax, she took bubble baths and drank jasmine tea to unwind after her day.

Dr Oz suggested mixing lavender, rosemary and cinnamon and placing it in one clean sock. (I guess a dirty sock would defeat the purpose, huh?) You can leave the sock in a drawer or under your pillow.

Dr Oz: Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear Review

In order to get a good night’s sleep, you should be comfortably cool. (Dr Oz preferred wearing big T-shirts to bed.) Goodnighties sleepwear is made from a material that helps you get rid of moisture and keeps you cool all night long. You can buy it at the following link: Goodnighties Ionized Sleepwear.

Dr Oz: Orange Infused Coconut Oil

Place orange and coconut oil into a bottle and let sit for 10-12 hours to infuse. Place a drop on your finger and massage onto the temples. This also helps with tension headaches. The orange lowers your stress hormone level.


  1. Carol O'Bryan says

    Please explain how you combine orange with coconut oil to make a massage cream.
    Do you place a whole orange, a peeled orange, orange zest or how do you infuse the orange into the coconut oil to make the massage cream. Please advise by email to [email protected]. THanks a lot.

  2. Grace Kane says

    Please elaborate on the type of orange you suggest to mix with the coconut oil…it sounds divine. I will try orange zest to be natural…but I think there is orange oil available at the Whole foods or any other essence store:)

  3. vera says

    Why is it you never state the amounts of whatever. sample orange infused coconut.
    Lavendar potpourri using rosemary & cinnamon???

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