Dr Oz: Hair Home Remedy & Potion for Motion Joint Pain Remedy

Dr Oz’s show on The Land of Dr Oz featured a segment on home remedies.  Doctor Oz said that he searched far, wide and over the rainbow to figure out how to solve health problems at home.  He brought onto his show two ladies who had home remedies they swear by – but do they work?

Dr Oz: Hair Home Remedy

Dr Oz’s first guest said that she brushes her hair for about 100 strokes per night and then she does the following, all to help avoid dry hair.  She takes coffee grinds and rubs it through her Dr Oz Joint Pain Home Remedyhair.  Then, she takes a bottle of beer and pours it into a spray bottle and lightly sprays her hair with beer.  Dr Oz so that this Hair Home Remedy does not work, and by brushing your hair 100 times, you can actually damage your hair.  Instead, he suggested using an Avocado Hair Mask to add moisture and shine to your hair.  I love and would highly recommend trying this Avocado Hair Mask!

Dr Oz: Potion for Motion Home Remedy

Dr Oz’s second guest said that sometimes when she wakes up in the morning, she can barely move to get out of bed because her joints hurt so much – she feels like the Tin Man before he gets oiled.  So her Joint Pain Home Remedy is to eat a combination of garlic, honey, turmeric and milk.  It looked and sounded pretty awful, but Dr Oz said that it does in fact work to help relieve Joint Pain, because garlic, honey, turmeric and milk all have anti-inflammatory properties.  Click here for the full recipe: Potion for Motion Remedy.


  1. Marlene says

    Hi Dr Oz,
    I watch your show everyday and I love it. I ave a little problem (maybe big) I can’t pass stool properly. When I feel like going, I sit on the toilet but it doesn’t come out. It’s hard, and I have to use my fingers to push and maneuver it down the anus. Sometimes it’s so hard, and I get too tired, my hand lose strength and fingers hurt, so I just have to leave and then try again another time. I also also gets pain in the ribs with so much of forcing. I have been to the doctor, and thy have told me that I have a twisted bowel, and eat a lot of fibers. I am doing that, and watching what I eat, but it doesn’t do me a lot of good. It feels like when the feces reach the anus, it doesn’t have the strength to come out. Sometimes I takes pills which helps me a bit, but there always a little bit that is left that I have to take out myself. It my biggest health concern right now. I feel that it may cause problems with the lining of the anus, and could lead to cancer. I don’t know if it’s because of this, I do get severe pain in my diaphram from time to time that
    sends me to the emergency. Please help me
    Thank you

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