Dr Oz Headache Remedies: Hibiscus Tea, Turmeric & Ginger


Dr Oz: Headache Solutions

Dr Oz says 9 out of 10 people report a problem with headaches. Today, he wanted to show you how to cure even your worst headaches without a single pill, as part of his Pain Remedies show. Michelle, an audience member, told Dr Oz that she got headaches once or twice a week. She told Doctor Oz that the biggest factor of her headaches was her husband, who, btw, was sitting right in the audience. (That should be a nice ride home!) When Dr Oz asked what she normally did for the pain, Michelle stated she usually went straight for the medicine cabinet and popped a couple ibuprofen pills. (Vodka usually worked for me, but if we’re talking good-for-you remedies, that’s out!)

Dr Oz: Yoga for Morning Headaches

Morning: When you wake up, stretch by touching your knees to your nose.



  1. bobby ramos says

    turmeric/ ginger works for headache’s i have been useing it for last 50yr’s thank god i don’t have a headache’s. bob ramos.

  2. red says

    unfortunately, when I tried that two weeks ago because of backpain, it caused me migraine instead. And the tea, put some coffee creamer on it and after 12-20 minutes, I’m having headaches but it started on my eyes, so I stopped and drink choco instead and it lessen. *sigh*

  3. red says

    I was talking about the turmeric, btw, on the first one. Just thought you should know and have some answer for me.

  4. Rebecca says

    I get bad headaches if I drink a lot of hibiscus tea. They are almost like hangover/migraine headaches.

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