Dr Oz: Helichrysum Oil & Medicated Herbal Plasters Pain Remedies


Dr Oz: Cheap Pain Solutions Under $10

Do you spend tons of cash trying to find solutions for you common pain? On today’s show, Dr Oz is joined by his team of specialists to show you which inexpensive solutions will help cure your pain. The best part is that every single solution is under ten bucks!  You should also checkout Dr Oz’s segment on Cutting Edge Pain Procedures to help relieve your aches!

Dr Oz: Helichrysum Oil Pain Relief

Helichrysum Oil is a product that has been used in Africa for centuries.


  1. Kathy Huidobro says

    I would like to know where I can get the Herbal Plaster patches and the Helichrysum oil

    Thanks so much.

    Kathy Huidobro

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