Dr Oz: Holy Basil, Reishi Mushrooms, Tulsi & Dandelion by Chris Kilham


Dr Oz: Chris Kilham Interview of “The Medicine Hunter”

After Dr David Agus spoke with Dr Oz about his Fountain of Youth, Doctor Oz spoke to Chris Kilham to discover a more natural “Fountain of Youth” solution.  Known as the Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham is part Eastern Healer, part Indiana Jones as well as a controversial ethnobotanist who scours remotes jungles and islands searching for the Fountain of Youth. He believes the Earth’s fruits and flowers will help you live longer and he believes that nature provides a treatment and cure for everything. From the Andes to the Amazon, he goes to extremes searching for home remedies, but he also finds a lot right in his own backyard, growing and finding many healing herbs and plants in nature.  Compare that to Dr David Agus’ Fountain of Youth, quite the difference!

Dr Oz: The Medicine Hunter

Chris Kilham told Dr Oz that he believes that the drugs we are using are actually killing us and points to mortality data and a list of the top five things that kill us with pharmaceuticals at the top of that list. He believes that drugs should heal our bodies, not harm them and goes on to say we are natural beings who have evolved for millions of years with plants, not with synthetic toxic compounds. They cause side effects, but he says those are not side effects at all, but rather, real effects in our bodies. The mortality rate from prescription drugs is more than car accidents, handguns, crack cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines all put together and multiplied by five, staggering to say the least. He went on to say that while some drugs are necessary he feels strongly that most of the human ills can be treated more effectively and safely with herbs. Kilham brought a couple of his favorites to share.


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    can i take Holy Basil- Reishi Mushrooms ore Tulsi+ Dandelion
    i am taking Atenolol 50 mg-Linsinopril HCT 20-50 mg-Ativan 0.5 +Simvastatin10mg

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