Dr Oz: Home Remedies For Constipation & Lisa Oz Sea Salt Face Scrub


Dr Oz: Reflexology Foot Map

Dr. Oz introduced everyone to a very special guest! After he works hard all day long keeping his patients healthy and sharing advice to keep his fans healthy, his wife Lisa is the woman he counts on to keep him healthy. Lisa Oz says her number one priority is to keep Dr. Oz’s immune system strong and help him de-stress. Lisa’s favorite way to reduce her husband’s stress is with reflexology. Reflexology is a practice where a person’s foot represents a microcosm of their entire body so by pressing on certain areas of the foot you can stimulate those areas of the body they represent.

  • Toes = Brain, sinus, eyes and ears
  • Balls of the feet = Lungs, heart and liver
  • Arch of the foot = Small intestine and bladder
  • Heel of foot = Pelvis

Lisa explained areas that actually need work due to being worn down or stressed will be more sensitive to the pressure whereas areas of the body that are functioning well will not be sensitive at all. You can actually get really cool reflexology foot socks that map out the areas of the body represented by each area of the foot or you can just memorize it from above.

Dr Oz: Constipation Remedy

Dr Oz: Home Remedies For Constipation & Lisa Oz Sea Salt Face Scrub

Dr Oz’s wife Lisa shared her recipe for a sea salt face scrub that will remove makeup and exfoliate your skin, leaving it clean and smooth!


  1. Dolores Hurtado says

    I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Oz and Lisa for sharing their home remedies. The sea salt face scrub has done wonders for my face. Additionally, I’ve been experiencing very good health since I began taking oregano oil. I have been using both remedies faithfully since your segment aired. Thank you so much.
    Blessings to you both.

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