Dr Oz: Iberogast & Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler


Dr Oz: The Worry Cure

If you spend nights lying awake stressing about bills, family or your job, you’re not alone. Forty million adults are more anxious than ever. Doctor Oz has mentioned some great tips before, like Stress Breathing to help minimize the toll stress takes on your health.  Dr Oz wanted to know what worries you, so today, he hit the streets to find out what you stress over. Some of the answers included:


  1. john Vernon says

    For the inhaler all you do is inhale eucalyptus or is there a special way to apply it?

  2. Wanda Ortuno says

    Dr. Oz, I was trying to get online the Escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler, but they don’t have available, please where do I get?, Thanks Dr. Oz, love your show. Wanda.

  3. Alina Plana says

    I just purchased the escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler on line at escents aromatherapy.com. Good Luck !

  4. Michelle says

    My daughter is a college freshman who is struggling with anxiety issues. Sometimes she is awakened with a stomach ache, a racing heartbeat and moderate shaking. She had these same issues that started at age 9 or 10 years old (night terrors) due to being bullied in school. After going to the next grade the night terrors stopped. My current assumptions are stressful situations, she is not on a regular sleep schedule, staying up till 5 am studying or doing homework. She admits that her diet is not the best and she worries about me because I am the single parent struggling to make sure she makes it through college. I also have some anxiety issues basically worrying about her. Our issues is working through this without medication and my issues is to lose 50 pounds. Today we are visiting her physician and we could use some healthy advice.

  5. Michelle says

    We want to get some Escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler is it safe for an 18 year old?

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