Dr Oz: Iberogast & Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler

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Dr Oz: Iberogast & Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler

By on March 13, 2012

Dr Oz: The Worry Cure

If you spend nights lying awake stressing about bills, family or your job, you’re not alone. Forty million adults are more anxious than ever. Doctor Oz has mentioned some great tips before, like Stress Breathing to help minimize the toll stress takes on your health.  Dr Oz wanted to know what worries you, so today, he hit the streets to find out what you stress over. Some of the answers included:

-bills (no surprise there)

Dr Oz's Worry Cure

Dr Oz's Worry Cure included lemon balm, Iberogast, an Anti-Anxiety Elixir and the Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler.

-sick family members
-kids (no surprise there, either)

Is this you? Doctor Oz got together a panel of experts for his Worry Free Cure. He wants you to manage your stress to get relief. Psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, told Dr Oz that because we have so many more responsibilities, we tend to stress more. We are in an economic crisis, so we worry about finances. We have to deal with aging because family members are living longer and we don’t know how to deal with health issues. Worrying is a problem when it becomes all consuming and you’re afraid of the world. You’re paralyzed with fear. Dr Oz says worrying is in our DNA. There is enough worry DNA in our bodies to keep us from making mistakes, but then the problems arises when we worry on every little thing.

In order to manage our lives better, Dr Oz created The Worry Cure.

Dr Oz’s Worry Cure

Candy, an audience member, told Dr Oz that on a scale of 1-10, she’s an 8 when it came to worrying. She’s stressed by her 2 young daughters, plus, she works full-time. She also worries about being the perfect mom and wife. Dr Oz had Candy put on the purple gloves to show her the amygdala part of the brain. (The literal translation is “the almond”). The amygdala is needed to regulate fear in our lives and sends the message to the awareness part of the brain. When we become too worried, we need to take a step back and relax to give ourselves a worry window, which is basically a timeout to figure out if the issue is really worth worrying about. (Say that sentence fast 20 times!) Check out Dr Oz’s Worry Cure below.

Dr Oz: The Worry Calendar

-used to plan out the month
-write down exactly what you need to do on which day
-sets up the organization and structure to control and decrease anxiety

To slow your breathing down, use a balloon. Take a deep breath and fill the balloon. Blow slowly into the balloon as you inflate it as far as it can go. This forces you to slow down your heart rate and blood pressure, which helps relax you.

Dr Oz: Worry Cure Stomach Remedies

Internist, Holly Phillips, joined Dr Oz to show you how worrying effects your stomach. Dr Oz and Holly put on the purple gloves and looked at the intestinal system. According to Dr. Phillips, the gut functions as a second brain. Stress causes the upper intestine to slow down the digestion process, which can cause stomach issues. Stress also causes the lower intestine to slow down, which causes diarrhea.

Dr Oz: Lemon Balm Worry Cure

Dr Oz has spoken about the positive impact of Lemon Balm on your mood in the past.  He suggested taking 400 mg of Lemon Balm, twice every day as the correct dosage.

Iberogast Worry Cure

-take as needed
-20 drops in a glass of water is the correct dosage of Iberogast
-used as immediate relief when stomach is already upset
-contains 9 calming herbs

Dr Oz Anti-Anxiety Elixir Recipe

-used for a mind and body connection
-1 tsp lemon juice
-1 tsp ground ginger
-½ tsp honey
-take 3 x per day

Dr Oz: Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler Review

-aroma therapy
-contains eucalyptus
-travels to the amygdala
-lowers blood pressure
-calms the system
-quick and easy to take

Doctor Oz asked Candy which method she preferred to help lower her stress levels. Candy opted for the inhaler because it was quick and easy and she could take it anywhere. (I agree.) That said, Dr Oz handed Candy 20 bottles to take home.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Iberogast & Escents Stress Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler

  1. john Vernon says:

    For the inhaler all you do is inhale eucalyptus or is there a special way to apply it?

  2. Avon LOkumura says:

    Where do I get aromatherapy inhaler?

  3. Wanda Ortuno says:

    Dr. Oz, I was trying to get online the Escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler, but they don’t have available, please where do I get?, Thanks Dr. Oz, love your show. Wanda.

  4. Angela Adams says:

    Trying to find inhalers on-line

  5. Alina Plana says:

    I just purchased the escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler on line at escents aromatherapy.com. Good Luck !

  6. Michelle says:

    My daughter is a college freshman who is struggling with anxiety issues. Sometimes she is awakened with a stomach ache, a racing heartbeat and moderate shaking. She had these same issues that started at age 9 or 10 years old (night terrors) due to being bullied in school. After going to the next grade the night terrors stopped. My current assumptions are stressful situations, she is not on a regular sleep schedule, staying up till 5 am studying or doing homework. She admits that her diet is not the best and she worries about me because I am the single parent struggling to make sure she makes it through college. I also have some anxiety issues basically worrying about her. Our issues is working through this without medication and my issues is to lose 50 pounds. Today we are visiting her physician and we could use some healthy advice.

  7. Michelle says:

    We want to get some Escents stress relief aromatherapy inhaler is it safe for an 18 year old?

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