Dr Oz: L-Theanine For Stress, Holy Basil & Lemon Balm Remedies


Dr Oz: Mood Booster Remedies

Dr Oz shared a bunch of natural remedies on his show today, including natural ways to kill Carb Cravings.  But how do we kill off our stress and boost our mood naturally?  If you have kids or a job, chances are you have stress and anxiety in your life. You find yourself subconsciously chomping on chips and devouring a pizza. Put that slice of pepperoni down! With the help of Pina Loguidice, DN, Dr Oz shows you how to naturally boost your mood to keep you out of the fridge. Pina says dealing with stress the natural way is much better because you eliminate side effects.

Dr Oz: Holy Basil Anxiety Remedy

Holy Basil Supplement has only recently gained popularity in US, but this product has been used in India for thousands of years.


  1. Shelby says

    Can you take L theanine and holy basil and the lemon balm at the same time?
    We are all waiting for the answer to the same question!

  2. April says

    I just saw this show on AFN in Germany and was wondering the same thing. Can we take all three or vary them throughout the day. I heard you can over does on serotonin. Will these make a person overdose? Thank you!

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