Dr Oz: Lemon Callous Remedy & Hairspray Belly Button Lint Remedy

By on May 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Embarrassing Confessions

Do you have a health secret you’re too embarrassed to tell your spouse? If so, too bad, because on today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by married couples who (surprisingly) revealed their spouses nasty confession on national television. (Too bad for them, but it was quite fun for us!) Doctor Oz shared some great tips, like how to remove callouses from your dry cracked feet with lemon slices.  Plus, hairspray could be the solution for belly button lint!

Dr Oz: Lemon Slice Callous Remedy

Dr Oz spoke about how to remove callouses from your feet with lemon slices.

Dr Oz: Belly Button Lint Remedy

Natalia “outted” her husband by telling the entire audience (national tv viewers included) that Josh, her husband, had gross belly button lint. At the end of the day, his lint was completely filled with gunk. Dr Oz says when you have lots of body hair, it grabs onto everything and spins it into a bundle.

Natalia and Josh came to the stage. To make matters worse, Doctor Oz pulled out his lipstick camera to take a look into Josh’s belly button, and yup, there was lint. Dr Oz says lint may contain dead skin or bacteria. To kick it up another notch in the embarrassment factor for Josh, Dr Oz had collected Josh’s belly button lint in a Petrie dish. (Thanks to his wife, of course.) He had the sample lint sent out to a microbiologist and found out it contained 2 types of bacteria—Corynebacterium and Bacillus (related to anthrax).

Hairspray for Belly Button Lint

If you want to get rid of that nasty belly button lint (and in some cases, bacteria), try using hairspray. Spray it into the belly button once in the morning to grab and trap the lint.

Dr Oz: Hairy Body Problem

Yolanda and Keith joined Dr Oz so Yolanda could explain to the world that her husband’s excessive body hair grossed her out. Keith grew long, disgusting hair everywhere, including his ears and in his nose.

Dr Oz says the hormone DHT is linked to hair growth. DHT may be imbalanced with the body. As you get older, the imbalance may become worse, which results in excessive hair.

Stainless Steel Clippers for Excessive Body Hair

To help get rid of unwanted hair, Dr Oz says to purchase a cheap and easy solution. Stainless steel clippers are a painless way to get rid of the hair. Wives, use on your DH once a week to help keep Susquatch in check.

Dr Oz: Dry Cracked Heels Remedy

This time it was a husband’s turn to complain. Chris brought his wife, LaShaun, to Doctor Oz to ask for help for his wife’s crusty, cracked feet. He said he would love to give her a foot massage, but he was just too grossed out. (Any old excuse, guys!)

Dr Oz: Lemon Slices for Foot Calluses

At night before bed, Dr Oz suggested placing lemon slices on top of the callus. The citric acid will break down the protein and allow the callus to get soft. Wrap up your foot and put on a sock. Sleep with the lemon on overnight. In the morning, put on moisturizer with glycerin and you’re good to go.

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