Dr Oz: Olive Oil Hair Mask, Green Clay Mask & Milk & Honey Bath

Dr Oz did a segment called “Uncovering Buried Beauty Secrets” where he spoke about beauty treatments and home remedies used centuries ago by our ancestors.  After all, beauty is timeless, so it is great to learn about Natural Home Remedies! Dr Oz Uncovering Buried Beauty Secrets

Dr Oz: Green Clay Face Mask – Mayan Civilization

Doctor Oz first spoke about a Buried Beauty Secret from the Ancient Mayan Civilization.  Mayan women wanted to look good and desired high cheekbones and thin lips.  What did they use in Southern Mexico and Central America to keep their skin glowing?  Green Clay!  Dr Oz said that Green Clay helps to activate circulation while also cleaning and toning skin.  You can mix different types of Green Clay Powder like regular Green Clay or Kaolin Clay, then add rose water, aloe vera and essential oils.  Click here for the full Dr Oz Green Clay Face Mask Recipe!

Dr Oz: Olive Oil Hair Mask – Ancient Greece

Dr Oz said that in Ancient Greece, beauty was a sign of virtue.  Women in Ancient Greece kept their hair long and decorated their hair with jeweled pins, but wore minimal makeup to have a natural look.  However, they loved to use Olive Oil which they called an Elixir of Life.  To do Dr Oz’s Olive Oil Hair Mask Treatment, you just smooth the olive oil through your hair, cover it with a shower cap for 90 minutes and then wash your hair.  Click here for the full Dr Oz Olive Oil Hair Mask Recipe!

Dr Oz: Milk & Honey Bath – Ancient Egypt

Dr Oz said that in Ancient Egypt they valued the appearance of youth and set the standards for beauty that are even used today.  They loved makeup and rimmed their eyes in coal, plus the upper class would shave their heads and wear fashionable wigs.  Queen Cleopatra was considered one of the prettiest women in history.  Milk has lactic acid which exfoliates skin and honey is a humectant that moisturizes.  So next time you take a bath, add some honey and milk to the warm water and soak for 20 minutes for super soft skin!  Click here for the full Dr Oz Honey & Milk Bath Recipe!

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