Dr Oz: Orange Teeth Whitener, Cold Rice Sock & Catnip Bath

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Dr Oz: Orange Teeth Whitener, Cold Rice Sock & Catnip Bath

By on April 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Foods to Keep Your Body Healthy

Want to know how to have a bright clean smile? What about how to fight off infection? On today’s show, Doctor Oz put 3 viewers to the test. He sent them to the health food store to see if they could pick the right foods to keep your body healthy. Read on to find out how to supercharge your health! Plus, don’t forget to checkout more of Dr Oz’s Remedies like this Cayenne Pepper Psoriasis Remedy, or these Skin Remedies or these Cold Remedies (all from today’s show as well!).

Dr Oz: Oranges Whiten Teeth

Dr Oz Oranges Whiten Teeth

Dr Oz said that oranges can be used to whiten your teeth!

Skip the chemical whitening products. Dr Oz says to whiten your teeth, rub the white inside part of an orange directly onto your teeth, once a day before brushing.

Ugli Fruit Fights Infection

No, this isn’t a fruit that looks hideous, Ugli fruit is a hybrid food that hails from Jamaica. Ugli fruit is a cross between grapefruit, orange and tangerine and is high in vitamin C. It will help you fight off infection.

Vitamin D3 Boosts Immunity

Want to know how to boost your immunity, Dr Oz says to go for vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 naturally comes from the sun, but unfortunately most of us don’t get enough Vitamin D3 via this source. Vitamin D3 will boost the activity of the immune cells and will also help with autoimmune disorders.

How Much Lycopene is in Watermelon?

You can get many antioxidants from fruits, but watermelon is one of the best sources of lycopene. (Even better than tomatoes). The red pulpy flesh is the part that contains huge doses of antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system. Watermelon is also great for heart disease.

Dr Oz: Maca Powder

Looking for something special for in your bedroom? Doctor Oz says to mix ½ tsp of Maca Powder into a smoothie or hot drink to give your life a bit of spice. (Be honest, did you just put this on your grocery list?)

Dr Oz: Zinc for Yellow Nails

If you want to get rid of the yellow stain on your nails, Dr Oz says to combine 1000 mg of vitamin E with 50 mg of zinc daily. You’ll be sporting those summer sandals in no time!

Dr Oz Catnip Bath Sleep Remedy

Not getting enough Zzzzz’s at night? Doctor Oz says to try a catnip bath. Steep 1 cup of dried catnip in hot water. Strain and add to bath. (Be sure to buy the catnip herb and not the one at pet stores.)

Dr Oz: Sleep Phones Review

Get some more sleep at night by using a sleep phone gadget. Doctor Oz says the binaural beats will help induce sleep.

Dr Oz: Cold Rice Sock Sleep Remedy

Looking for another remedy to get more sleep at night? Doctor Oz says to add uncooked rice to a cotton sock. Put the sock in the freezer for 45 minutes and then place the sock under your pillow to get a restful night.

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