Dr Oz: Rose Hip Powder, Bladderwrack, Wu Wei Zi Tea & Glycine Powder


Dr Oz: Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs

Are you looking for an all-natural remedy for anxiety or high blood pressure? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Naturopathic Physician, Pina LoGiudice, to reveal the top secrets that drug companies don’t want you to know. Find out the best all-natural cures to your common ailments such as Wu-Wei Zi Tea for anti-anxiety, Rose Hip Powder for high blood pressure, Glycine Powder to help you sleep and Bladderwrack as a thyroid medication. Dr. LoGiudice says that everybody is a candidate for these remedies.


  1. says

    Good idea I need to try them sometimes. I have high blood pressure and having problem taking prescription medications, I tried a lot of different kinds of blood pressure pills. It’s hard enough to get use to it without bad side effects, in two weeks i get better, after 2 or 3 or more months I got swollen parts of my body like face, legs arms coughing etc. I can hardly wait to go to the Health store and buy it so I can try. Thanks.


  2. Debrah Castaneda says

    I’m wondering if you take BP meds and Thyroid meds already, can you use these in conjunction with it? One needs to be careful if already taking meds and then a supplement to do the same thing. I have found that western physicians don’t know much about this. You have to find a Dr. Oz/Weil, etc for the integrative aspect and there is no one in Richmond, VA.

  3. Lindsay Adams says

    I want to get off synthetic thyroid medication but I cannot find a doctor who will help me. I saw your show today and I am desperate to know if I can take the bladderwrack pills instead of the cytomel I am on to regulate my thyroid.

  4. Gabe says

    Tried the schizandra berries and they have made a difference. Highly recommend giving it a try. I actually took them in tincture form.

  5. says

    I am taking Cozaar for high blood pressure and Synthroid for my Thyroid, I would love to get off those medications. I am thinking about stopping my medications and starting Rose Hip Powder and Bladderwrack . Would you have a comment about that.

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