Dr Oz: Salt Water 2.0, Hot Sauce Sore Throat Remedy + Turmeric Cure


Dr Oz: Best Natural Gargles To Cure a Sore Throat

What do you do when you get a sore throat? Dr Oz said that natural gargles can help to give you some relief. Try Hot Sauce, Salt Water 2.0, or Turmeric the next time your throat is giving you trouble.

Audience member Susan said she prefers hot tea with lemon for her sore throat. She said her symptoms may include swollen glands and pain with swallowing. What did Dr Oz suggest trying?

Dr Oz: Sore Throat Salt Water Cure

When you have a sore throat, you might notice swollen glands that close off and become sore or swollen. The uvula, which dangles in the back of the throat, can be soothed with sage and salt. Gargling with salt water actually works!


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    I had a bad sore throat and I was planning to go to the Dr in the morning. Then around 5am after I couldn’t sleep, I went to Dr. Oz website to see what was the natural remedy for sore throat. I found 3 remedies, but only one available to me in my kitchen and that was Hot sauce. I gaggles my throat with Hot sauce. It’s like fighting fire with fire but Dr. Oz IT WORKS FOR ME. I FEEL MUCH BETTER. THANK YOU DR.OZ. YOU’RE THE BEST.

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