Dr Oz: Suma Extract, Saffron Tea & Geranium Essential Oil for Stress


Dr Oz: Stress Remedies

Do you stressed out all the time? With daily pressures, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Doctor Oz says stress is the #1 thing that ages you. On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you how to blast through your toxic stress with delicious foods and remedies to calm your body such as Suma Extract, the Triple A Stress Blasting Salad, Saffron Tea, dark chocolate covered cranberries, Geranium Essential Oil and Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps. Also: check out some Dr Oz recipes to kill that toxic stress.

Dr Oz: Suma Extract

Annette, an audience member, played beat the clock all day long. She ran around trying to get everything done before picking up her daughter from school. When she goes to bed, she’s wound up and found sleeping difficult.

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