Dr Oz: Use Oil Of Oregano To Kill Germs In Your Mouth & Boost Immunity

By on March 20, 2013

Dr Oz: Boost Your Immune System With Oil Of Oregano

Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa shared their favorite family remedies for constipation, stress and pain, including the practice of foot reflexology! Lisa also shared her recipe for a sea salt scrub that keeps Dr. Oz’s skin looking good and healthy! Now they are ready to reveal their favorite home remedy!

Dr Oz: Oil Of Oregano Supplement

Dr Oz: Use Oil Of Oregano To Kill Germs In Your Mouth & Boost Immunity

Dr Oz says you can add a drop of oregano oil to your toothpaste when you brush your teeth to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth!

Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa shared their favorite remedy to treat all sorts of ailments, including back pain. Lisa explained that oregano oil is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic so it can not only treat illness, but it can also work to prevent you from getting sick.

  • Helps kill germs in your gut
  • Look for 50% carvacrol on the label
  • Look for enteric coated capsules

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Kills Germs In Your Mouth

The next place oil of oregano works to treat is in your mouth. Dr. Oz says it literally kills germs and gets rid of bacteria.

  • Rub it on your gums
  • Add it to your toothbrush – mask the strong flavor by using it in combination with your toothpaste
  • Use it as a mouthwash

Dr Oz: Oregano Oil Aromatherapy

Lisa Oz says her favorite way to boost her kids’ immune systems, especially when they were little, is to rub oregano oil on the bottoms of their feet and on their chest. They literally wake up in the morning feeling much better!

Dr Oz: Does Oregano Oil Cure Acne?

The last way you can use oil of oregano is to kill germs on your face, like in cases of acne or rosacea. Dr. Oz says it is very important to use it correctly, though, in order for it to work effectively. To accomplish this you need to use a carrier oil, like sesame oil, because the oregano oil is too strong on its own and will irritate your skin.

  • Simply add a couple drops of the oregano oil to the sesame oil and use a cotton ball to dab it on your irritated skin.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Use Oil Of Oregano To Kill Germs In Your Mouth & Boost Immunity

  1. What brand contains enteric coated capsules and
    50% or more carvacrol ?

  2. Penny Lee says:

    I have been using oil of oregano for a long time as a daily routine……the best way to mask the flavour is to first put your drops in a glass and then put 1 or 2 inches of orange juice in, give it a little swish and then drink it slowly……I love it…..

  3. Fought a cold and flu for a week, someone suggested oil of oregano. Almost instant relief. Within 24hrs, symptoms baring visible

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