Dr Oz: Usnea, Vinpocetine & Castor Oil: Herbal Healers

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Dr Oz: Usnea, Vinpocetine & Castor Oil: Herbal Healers

By on February 22, 2011

Dr Oz did a segment called The New Herbal Healers with Bryce Wylde a homeopathic medicine expert from Wylde On Health.  Wylde and Doctor Oz spoke about new herbal healers to add to our medicine cabinets including Usnea, Vinpocetine and Castor Oil.  Bryce Wylde said that these are not well known, but they may be even more powerful than other herbal counterparts that we have heard of before.

Dr Oz: Usnea for Infections & Lungs

Bryce Wylde said that Usnea can work two ways.  You can take Usnea orally to  help your lungs with problems like Bronchitis, wet or dry coughs, or other upper Dr Oz Herbal Healersrespiratory problems.  You can also use Usnea topically, which is how the Native Americans used it, because it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.  To heal an infection, mix 1 part Usnea with 5 parts of heavy stock cream or jelly and you have an antibacterial cream that works great for small scrapes or burns.

Dr Oz: Vinpocetine Boosts Memory

Bryce Wylde told Dr Oz that Vinpocetine boosts your memories.  Vinpocetine comes from the periwinkle plant ant it helps to increase the blood flow to your brain by dilating your blood vessels.  Therefore you can think better and remember more things.

Dr Oz: Castor Oil for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Strains

Bryce Wylde said that you no longer have to take Castor Oil orally to get the benefits, which is a good thing based on Dr Oz’s facial expression after tasting a spoonful of Castor Oil.  Instead, you can make a Castor Oil Pack to fight inflammation, to help Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or to soothe a Strain Injury.  Apply the caster oil to a cloth and place it on your injured area, like your wrist.  Cover the area with plastic wrap.  Place another rag on top of the plastic wrap and apply a heating pad for 30-45 minutes.  The Castor Oil can go through your skin and help to reduce the inflammation in a very powerful way.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Usnea, Vinpocetine & Castor Oil: Herbal Healers

  1. I watch Dr. Oz daily–at least I try to. I always like to learn of new herbal remedies. I have used

    castor oil packs for some time. Dr. Oz, have you ever heard of Edgar Cayce?

  2. A friend of mine was diagnois with prostrate cancer. He had surgery done and they caught it at the very earliest stage. When , I believe ,his PSA was tested there was no cancer cells present. He is still having problems. the question is when will it return and what can he do help bring circulation back or what healthy food choices can he make to help? Thank you for any information you can give.

  3. Dolores Rawson says:

    Could you do a segment on the importance of Acid/Alkaline Balance and what is the best way to maintain a balance. What happens if your urine is very acidic and what is the best way to correct it? Thank you much.

  4. Tracy Kopacz says:

    How often is using the castor oil wraps recommended for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Was this mentioned on the show? Unfortunately, I can not watch the show. I only have the Dr. Oz Fans emails sent to me. If anyone knows, please resond. :) Thank you in advance.

  5. Edgar Cayce had many readings regarding the use of recommending castor oil packs. It’s great for age spots as well.

  6. I purchased the Usnea but I’m not sure how to take it (orally). The instructions say to mix 15-30 drops in warm water (does not say amount of water) and take 1-5 times daily. Would it be like a tea? Please give me an idea. I really would like to take it. Thanks

  7. Kulwant says:

    It was not clear from the show how to take usnea pls. Dr. Oz. Explain it clearly

  8. Kulwant says:

    Pls. Explain how many drops of usnea to take orally and how many times a day.

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