Dr Oz: Watermelon Mask for Breakouts + Iced Tea Remedy for Gray Hair


Dr Oz: Summer Uses for Everyday Things

Dr Oz shared a special Summer Edition of his popular series New Uses for Everyday Things. This time, he showcased some of the household applications for Deodorant, Watermelon, Iced Tea, and even Flip Flops that you might not have considered before. “These great ideas are absolutely free, and they really work,” Dr Oz said.

Dr Oz: Spray Deodorant Nail Polish Remover

Viewer Carol joined Dr Oz to explain that Spray Deodorant can be used in place of Nail Polish Remover. She warned to avoid spraying too much of the skin, because it can be very cold. After letting it sit on the nail for a moment, use a cotton ball or napkin to rub it off, without that harsh chemical smell. But this will not work with a Roll-On Deodorant.

Dr Oz: Deodorant Jeans Trick

Dr Oz: Watermelon Mask for Breakouts + Iced Tea Remedy for Gray Hair

Dr Oz and his viewers teamed up to share new household applications for everyday things at home, like a Watermelon Mask for breakouts. (mynameisharsha / flickr)

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