Dr Oz: Willow Bark, Copper Compression Sleeve & Hops Extract

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Dr Oz: Willow Bark, Copper Compression Sleeve & Hops Extract

By on February 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Pain Remedies

Dr Oz discussed with Montel Williams some of the best breakthroughs to relieve your pain.  From Hops Extract to a Foam Massage Roller to a Compression Sleeve infused with Copper to Willow Bark, they covered so many fabulous Natural Remedies!

Dr Oz: Hops Extract

-Hops Extract- For those beer lovers, this is the preservative found in your favorite beverage. Hops extract also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Montel Williams Copper Compression Sleeve

Montel Williams and Dr Oz discussed pain remedies like a Copper Compression Sleeve.

To get the full benefits, take approximately 30 drops before bed. Montel stated it tasted slightly bitter, but the results were worth a little bitterness.

Montel Williams: Foam Massage Roller

-Foam Massage Roller- To get the full results, use this product daily. Montel told Dr Oz he started using the roller 6 months ago with a trainer and since then, he used it every day and loved it. You can purchase the Foam Massage Roller for $25-$40 in a fitness store. To use, roll it over the muscles to soothe them. The best part is that you use your own body weight to roll out the knots, so there is no added pressure. It’s also great for a deep tissue massage.

Dr Oz: Compression Sleeve Infused With Copper

-Compression Sleeve Infused with Copper- this article of clothing kept the muscle in place. The copper is brand new technology and emits copper onto the skin. Montel told Dr Oz that he was wearing one for his shoulder, so Dr Oz had him show his garment. Montel started wearing it 2 months ago and since then had seen increased mobility in his arms. (A few months ago, he was unable to put both arms up in the air.) The garment is also good for the knee, for carpal tunnel, and for back problems. It also comes in briefs for your husband. Montel urged women to purchase it for their husbands because the copper increased blood flow. (In that case, does it come in a hat?) Dr Os stated that copper was essential to the nervous system. Dr Oz didn’t exactly endorse this product, however, he did state that it’s worth a try to see if it helps your pain.

Dr Oz: Willow Bark vs Aspirin

Dr Oz Herbal Remedy Tip: Take 120 mg of Willow Bark as an herbal substitute for aspirin to get rid of pain.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Willow Bark, Copper Compression Sleeve & Hops Extract

  1. joan ewald says:

    I have MS & have great back pain, One leg is a little numb & the other leg has no strength. so I drag my foot. Where can I get the compression with copper for my back?? Thanks Joan Ewald..11623 hy 70 west Minocqua Wi 54548

  2. I have awful back issues from my surgery’s that I never heald from (Spinal Stinosis) I would be interested in trying the compression with the copper. Thanks Maryann

  3. where can I purchase the copper infused mens briefs

  4. Fred Gordon says:

    Where can I obtain these Compression products infused with Copper.
    I have Bone / Blood Cancer (Multiple Myeloma) and I think I would like to give this product a try ,
    so where are they? This could be a blessing , the gloves and the shirt anf the legs for me.

  5. leslie dupree says:

    whyere oh where can i buy these products????????

  6. Why tell about a product if your not going to tell where it can be purchased. I am very interested in the compression items. I have a health food store for the willow barK and the hops. Waiting to hear from you…

  7. Barbara Karsten says:

    Please tell me how and where I can buy this item.

  8. Please tell me how and where to buy the copper infused compression sleeves.

  9. The product is made by a company called ‘Tommie Copper’. I just looked at their website, thinking about getting one for my elbow. The address is tommiecopper(dot)com.

  10. Martha Pacheco says:

    What are Dr Oz thoughts on the copper infused products ? Does he have a opinion?

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