Dr Oz: Xiao Yao Wan Tea, Si Jun Zi Tang & Gui Pi Tang Fatigue Fighters


Dr Oz: Chinese Herbs Fight Fatigue

Doctor Oz brings us all of the latest and greatest Fatigue Fighters, like his recent show on Kola Nut Extract.  Looking for more ideas?  Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been practiced for just as long. Herbs such as ginseng root are used to cure exhaustion and on today’s show, Herbal Expert, Janet Tsai, gave herbs to help combat fatigue. Janet told Doctor Oz that the most common approach for fighting fatigue with herbs is to formulate those herbs to regulate the system. Chinese herbs just may be the important keys to improving your health, so check it out and see if it’s right for you!

Xiao Yao Wan Tea or Free & Easy Wanderer Tea

-great for stress


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    The best sleep aid i use is Organic Relaxation Blend Tea i get from You, Me and Tea on line. Great Stuff!!

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