Dr Oz’s Anti-Aging Spices: Jamaican Allspice, Turmeric & More


Dr Oz: Top 10 Anti-Aging Herbs

Doctor Oz started off today’s show by speaking with Dr Joe Mercola about BEC5 and Chlorella Green Mineral Algae, which are some powerful Homeopathic Medicine Treatments. Dr Oz then gave you the Top 10 Anti-Aging herbs and spices to help you look and feel younger, and who does not love a good Natural Remedy? He says these 10 spices are nature’s most powerful weapons against disease. Include these herbs in your diet as frequently as you can. Make it a variety of herbs by mixing it up a bit.

Italian Spice is Anti-Inflammatory

Dr Oz said that Italian spice has a variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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