Wormwood Tea & Papaya Seeds with Honey: Dr Oz Round Worm Remedy


Dr Oz: Parasites & Worm Remedy

Doctor Oz gave a list of Parasite Warning Signs, but what do you do if you do have a parasite or worms living in your stomach?  According to Gastroenterologist, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD, washing your hands and thoroughly washing your fruits and veggies will help prevent parasites. However, there are 4 other easy ways to prevent parasites. Read below to find out how to keep these nasty buggers from invading your gut.

Avoid Acid Reducers

-stomach acid is a natural defense against parasites.


  1. Megan says

    I think the ” Dr Oz: Papaya Seeds Worm Remedy” sounds great but how do you get rid of the last 25% of the worms, it says it only gets rid if 75%

  2. Cathy says

    Where can I purchase papaya seeds? I can only find seeds for growing papayas but nothing listed for eating, please advise.

  3. Sergio says

    I think the 75% applies to the children cured, so of 100 kids, 75 were cured. I’m going to get my papaya seeds from fresh papaya. I’m assuming i’m supposed to swallow the seeds whole with the honey… that should be interesting, lol.

  4. Katherine says

    That was my question to: drink them w
    ith honey or eat them by chewing. Does anyone know? That was not clear on the show. I have cfids/me so this high statisticc caught my attention

  5. Danielle Childs says

    Ok do you chew or swallow I chewed them and they were hot. and I’ve had gastric bypass is it okay for me .

  6. Danielle Childs says

    I did it and I don’t see my self chewing the seeds but I need to do somthing maybe you put it in tea.

  7. Bill Hilley says

    papayas can be purchased at almost any Mexican Markets that cater strickly to Mexican food and fruit.

  8. Sergio says

    I tried chewing the seeds too… ummm, it was interesting lol. It had a flavor that other websites call peppery but to me it was chemicalish tasting. At any rate, I swallow the seeds and honey whole in two spoonfuls. Also, i googled “papaya seeds edible” and one of the sites suggested using them blended up into a salad dressing for a “peppery” kick.

  9. Debbie says

    You don’t swallow the seeds whole they have to be dried a bit and the shell has to be removed and then the seed needs to be crushed and then sprinkled on foods or can be used in smoothies.

  10. Kat Sargent says

    Dr. Oz should be careful about warning people not to take proton pump inhibitors esp. if those people have erosions in their esophagus or have ulcers. While stomach acid might be good for fighting parasites, excessive stomach acid can erode the lining of the stomach and the esophagus leading to a cancerous condition called Barretts Esophagus. He is constantly recommending lots of homeopathic supplements without warning people about the dangers of interactions between these supplements and mainstream meds. Also many of these supplements are not affordable or doable for many people.

  11. says

    My husband has leg cramps nightly. I missed a couple of the ingrediants you had for leg cramps. Could you please send them to me. I got tomatoe juice, water, lemon, salt and I think there was one more. Thanks

  12. says

    My husband has leg cramps every nite. Can you send me the formula you had on your show. The ingrediants were : water, Tomatoe juice, lemon, salt and one more I did not get.

  13. C Tillman says

    With a very heavy heart, I am starting on my 4th year with severe chronic fatigue, therefore the show on parasite’s really caught my attention. I live in Florida & our grocery stores usually stock fresh papayas in the produce section seasonally. Unfortunately I am not an adventurous foodie and have the palate of a small child. Luckily, last night I found one half of a freshly cut papaya containing about 1/4 cup of seeds. I tasted one “bitty” seed alone and noted the honey was certainly necessary to stifle the extreme bitterness of the seeds. . I’m not a fan of honey either, however I mixed them together, gave the mix my best “college try”. but the final score was 2 “chews”, no “swallows” the garbage disposal won the lot.

    Hands down, I knew the garlic was my redemption. I especially love it roasted as a spread on toasted bread and I add garlic to most everything I cook. Since I had to scratch the papaya which I had thought was my best option, I searched my fridge for two cloves of garlic that looked to be natural born killers. I peeled the 1st clove and began to nibble as my tongue began to grow hotter and hotter, until my eyes started to tear up as if they were preparing to extinguish a fire. Dr. Oz had already convinced me to skip trying the wormwood tea per his comments after tasting it.

    Folks, if you’ll excuse me, I’m on my way to the store to purchase some garlic supplement pills. I guess I am one of those labeled as a “pill popper”. I wish each of you the ability to succeed where I have failed and for all of us to feel the very best that we can!!

    Thanks for sharing your stories!! .

  14. Chrissy says

    I was very excited about the papaya and honey. A co-worker at work told me how well it was working for her mother. So off to the store I went $2.99 a papaya. I thought oh what the heck, I’m going to feel really great in the next couple of days. However, Thomas you are right, oh my God… It was horrible and I am accustom to eating and drinking all things good for you that taste bad. Whew, the little I got down appears to want to come back up. Better Health to the one’s who can stomach this elixir. I off to garlic pills as well…

  15. Janice says

    Tillman- if you want to get down some fresh raw garlic, take a clove, peel it up and mince it nice and tiny. Then coat it with honey, scoop it up in a spoon. Making sure not to scoop up more than you can swallow. Turn the spoon upside down and quickly put it on your tongue and grab a glass of water, take a drink, tip your head back and feel the honey slide down toward your throat. Then swallow it like a pill. Don’t chew it!!!!! Just swallow it. If you do this right, you will barely taste the garlic, if at all. And it won’t leave a garlic taste in your throat. Do this a couple of times a day. If you really have parasites, I would use way more than 2.
    As for the papaya seeds. I have been reading a bunch about it. In the study he referenced, they ground up the seeds and mixed them with honey. They gave this to one group of kids and then gave only honey to the control group. I have read many places that you can eat them whole which is a more traditional method. But, if you want to get closer to the study, you will need to grind them. I assume it would work if you buy a fresh papaya and scoop the seeds out, wash them the best you can and then lay on a baking sheet on tin foil or even paper towel. Let them dry out for a day or so. If you want to fast forward this, you can sun bake them or bake in the oven (don’t use paper towel for this) at your lowest temperature (mine is 170) and crack the oven door to make it even lower. You don’t want to cook them, just dry them out. Then use a mortar and pestle, or coffee grinder etc and grind them up and add to other things. Grind up about 2 tbsp each time. Make a smoothie, mix with honey or however you like to get it down.
    I just opened up a papaya today and it wasn’t fully ripe. They aren’t the tastiest things that way! But, I have a recipe for candying them that I hope to try. And a few smoothie recipes.
    Another thing I wanted everyone to know is the seeds have also been studied on it’s effects on fertility. It works especially well in men. It can make them temporarily infertile! It can also effect women. However, the effects are not permanent and they go away after a while of not eating them. And from my understanding it causes no harm. As far as they know. But, if you are trying to get pregnant, or are pregnant, I wouldn’t try this without doing some real thorough research.

  16. lawa says

    Many papays are hybreds and the seeds can not reproduce a papaya tree as do the natural papyas, Wonder if these seed are as effective.

  17. says

    I truly enjoy Dr. Oz. If it wasn’t for him people on the most part, would not have insight into natural cures. However, there’s a couple of things to remember when watching. First off, Dr. Oz is a cardiologist and not an herbalist. Another is that you should cross referece his information like you would do your own doctor. And I do hope you are not intimidated of your own doctor to get an second opinion. I’ve been taking herbs for many years and some of the things he is just learning, I’ve been doing for 15 to 20 years or more. Find an herbalist to help you with your questions. One place would be the asian market place.

  18. ethel laberson says

    my mother is 97 years and has been using this herbal remedies for many years. we grew up on papaya and eat the seeds. Monel just discover the fountain of youth with coconut water. what a crap of lies we have been drinking cocunet water as babies once a baby could pull on a bottle. and that do not stop the aging process. it helps with a lot. tumeric cloves cinnamon choclate we have the real cocoa from the tree. we from the island use a lot of herbs. grate the cloves of garlic put in water and swallow it is not bad.

  19. Jerry says

    If you need to eat cloves of garlic, I found this to be quite tasty, Make yourself a garden salad of your choosing, then mince two garlic cloves add to salad, then toss and add you favorite salad dressing, you will be surprised as to how much better a plain old salad will taste after you add this garlic, it is awesome!

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