Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Stuffed Peppers: Kitchen Diva Fights Exhaustion


Dr Oz did a segment with The Kitchen Diva, also known as Angela Medearis, in a segment called The Kitchen Diva: Recipes to Fight Exhaustion.  Doctor Oz was taught by The Kitchen Diva how to make an Energy Boosting Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe – how delicious does that sound?

Dr Oz & The Kitchen Diva

Dr Oz asked The Kitchen Diva for some advice on fighting exhaustion.  She said that you must eat well, sleep well, and love Dr Oz Stuffed Peppers Recipe well.  Someone sent Dr Oz a video because she was so concerned about her sister-in-law’s exhaustion.  Her sister-in-law is stressed out all the time, always exhausted, and now she does not even have time to eat right.  Plus, she has a four year old child – so she has not had a good nights sleep in four years.

Dr Oz: Kitchen Diva Stuffed Peppers Recipe

The Kitchen Diva made an Energizing Recipe of Energy Boosting Stuffed Bell Peppers.  To make the filling, she combined tasty sounding ingredients including turkey, cumin, chili powder, and garlic.  She said that the turkey helps to relax you and to put you to sleep.  She also added salsa to boost the flavor, and brown rice for fiber.  Plus, she added one of Dr Oz’s favorite foods – spinach.


  1. Cheryl Curran says

    great recipe…my husband even liked it. I didn’t tell him it was turkey sausage used, as that would have turned him off to that dish. The recipe is a 5 star for me.

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