Dr Oz: Wheat Germ Applesauce Muffins Recipe & Upside Down Taco Salad


Dr Oz: Plant Sterol Diet

Dr Oz shared that Plant Sterols can be an effective statin drug alternative. They come in a supplement form, but they are also found in food. Dr Melina Jampolis said they are found in many common foods. She also shared an Applesauce Muffins Recipe and a Taco Salad to help you get them naturally in a diet.

Dr Oz: Vegetarian Cholesterol Levels

Since plant sterols are in a lot of fruits and veggies, that means omnivores are getting plenty in their diets, which led Dr Jampolis to an interesting conclusion.


  1. Sharon Daugherty says

    I lived the segment in Dr Malina Jampolis. Would you please send me her recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Energy Bars. I looked everywhere on your website and couldn’t find it. Thanks.

  2. says

    I don’t think there was a recipe for those. I think she was recommending a store-bought product containing plant sterols.

  3. Geri says

    I saw the oatmeal chocolate chip energy bars on Dr. Oz’s segment with Dr. Malina Jampolis. and they are in fact the ones made by Corazonas which contain the plant sterols. They also carry tortilla chips which I’m pretty sure were on the show also. Excellent products that I highly recommend.
    Here is the link to their website

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