Dr Oz: 7 Day Miracle Plan Metabolism Boost


Dr Oz: 7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Your Metabolism  ice cream

In this segment, Dr Oz profiled several women representing the most common problems that people face when trying to boost their metabolism.  Dr Oz’s guests included Lisa (Levittown, NY), Jill (Phillipsburg,NJ), Ellen (Ocean, NJ), Stephanie (New York, NY), Robin (Cazenova, NY), and Patricia (Ocean, NJ).  We learned that the number one reason that we all pack on the extra pounds has to do with our metabolism.   The women above were tired and frustrated and needed Dr Oz’s help in getting on track with their metabolism boost.  Doctor Oz made a promise to them that the metabolism tips and tricks would be absolutely life-changing and can be done in only seven days:

Day One: Check Your Metabolic Rate

Dr Oz stressed that this was the most important thing to understand in order to boost your metabolism.  In assisting his audience member with checking their metabolic rate, he used a calculation based on her age, height, weight, and activity level (how many times a week she exercised).  The calculator crunched the data to assess how many calories she can consume before she starts to gain weight.  Doctor Oz points out that once you know that number, you can learn how to adjust it so that you lose the weight that you want.

Day Two: Cut 100 Calories a Day

Dr Oz stated that most people attempt to diet aggressively by making drastic changes in their caloric intake.  However, Dr Oz pointed out that our bodies actually panic following a big reduction in caloric intake, causing our metabolism to slow down instead of speeding up.  Instead of taking the starvation diet route by taking in fewer calories, Dr Oz suggested that you cut 100 calories per day from your diet.  Dr Oz added that we can still enjoy our bowls of ice cream as our post-dinner treat.  However, instead of the large half of a cup serving, he said to cut back 3 tablespoons, and that would qualify as your reduction for the day.  Not to mention, the calcium in the ice cream stimulates fat cells which in turn breaks down fat.

Day Three: Add Protein

Dr Oz said to keep thinking protein if you want a faster metabolism.  Protein remained so vital to Dr Oz’s metabolism booster equation because our bodies break down twice as many calories while digesting proteins then while digesting carbohydrates.  Dr Oz wasn’t just talking about any protein, but he seemed pretty excited about fish as a protein due to the Omega 3 fats (Omega 3 fatty acids) found in fish, such as salmon.  Omega 3 fats increase some of the fat burning enzymes.  Dr Oz suggested including fish in your diet at least twice a week.

Day Four: Eat Every Three Hours

This may have been a bit surprising to his audience and to Dr Oz fans, but Dr Oz said that if you were to eat every three hours, your metabolism would actually be faster.  So many times when people attempt to diet their instinct is to eat fewer meals, but Dr Oz said that in order to boost your metabolism you would need to eat every three hours.   Dr Oz said that your eating schedule should look as follows:


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